Chishimba Kambwili says the Constitutional Court’s decision to declare President Edgar Lungu eligible to contest the 2021 general elections is a blessing in disguise because he is the weakest opponent one can face.

And the embattled Roan PF member of parliament says PF Secretary General Davies Mwila should stop pressurizing the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini to declare the Roan parliamentary seat vacant and allow the Court of Appeal to determine the matter.

In an interview, Kambwili said the ConCourt’s decision to declare President Lungu eligible to contest the 2021 general elections is a blessing in disguise because he is the weakest opponent one can face.

“I can only say it’s a laughing matter. What did you expect? The President warned the ConCourt judges that if they ruled against him, there would be chaos. And he has always been saying that he is running for President in 2021. Then Amos Chanda issued a statement two days ago that the president doesn’t mind the outcome of the ConCourt. That ‘whether the ruling is in his favour or not, he doesn’t mind’. Then we saw a PF cadre from Southern Province say a day before the ConCourt ruling that ‘President Lungu is eligible and he will rule up to 2026, you will see’… early in the morning on judgment day, cadres are over on the streets celebrating even before the ConCourt judgment is given. That’s why I am saying it’s a laughing matter. You can fool people once but you cannot fool them always,” Kambwili he said.

“But I can tell you that this is a blessing in disguise. God is very gracious, his ways are not our ways. He knows that Lungu is the weakest opponent we can face. So for me, it’s a blessing in disguise because Lungu is the weakest opponent I can meet in an election. No matter what has happened, I don’t want to cry over spilled milk but in my view I shall always hold the opinion that he doesn’t qualify. But if the Concourt in their opinion think he qualifies, so be it. But it’s a blessing in disguise, we will meet in the election and he’ll be bruised very badly. Not even the wealth he has gotten in the last three years will help him. The ruling is really laughable but we are used with such things in Zambia… why are you surprised by the ruling? Vehicles have already been branded ‘ECL 2021’, Vitenges have been produced. That’s why I didn’t even go to listen to that ruling because I knew the outcome already, it’s laughable really, I wish I could laugh the all day.”

On October 25, Lusaka High Court judge Maria Kawimbe threw out Kambwili’s application in a case in which he was challenging his expulsion from the Patriotic Front party on technicalities, owing to his “lack of seriousness” on the matter.

Although Kambwili appealed the court’s decision, the PF has dragged Speaker Matibini to court saying his decision not to declare the Roan seat vacant is illegal, a move which Kambwili says is premature.

“Mwila is just dull, I have already told you that he’s dull. The Speaker is on firm ground, he’s following what the law says. Mwila should know that what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander. The Speaker did not declare Mwanakatwe and Nkandu Luo’s seats vacant when they appealed to the Supreme court. Why does he want the Speaker to declare my seat vacant when I have appealed? There should be mo special rules for PF. Mwila should do an introspection of himself and his behaviour, he’s only exposing his ignorance by doing what he’s doing. Why even go and sue the Attorney General?” wondered Kambwili.

“Why go and sue the Speaker of the National Assembly, why? The Speaker is on firm ground, let’s just have that matter heard one merit. Why are they scared? It’s because they know that they did not follow the constitution, they abrogated the constitution so they are looking for short cut. Natural justice entails that the matter be heard on merit. I have appealed against the squashing off of that case by the High court. So why is Mwila in a hurry? Tabala pali (don’t they sleep over) Roan [constituency]? Tell them that whatever the circumstances, they will lose. Whether in court or by election, they will lose. I know they always dream of Roan and they don’t sleep. But let them just celebrate the ConCourt ruling for now.”