Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has advised small scale miners at the black mountain to follow the laid down rules of mining so as to avoid being in conflict with the local authority.

During a review meeting held at Kitwe City Council yesterday, Kang’ombe observed that the miners had been careless in their mining operations, adding that the transportation of materials was resulting in spillages, thereby making the newly constructed roads dirty around the Central Business District.

“We just want to ensure that all the activities at the mountain are running smoothly and that there is no negative effect on the community, because as a council we have seen that the roads have been left with materials that are destroying roads,” he said.

“Truck drivers from the Chapamo Mining Processing Limited have been dropping material on the roads thereby spoiling motor vehicle tyres.”

He said the residents had been complaining of tyre bursts due to the bad status of the roads caused by the spilled mining materials.

He said it was important for all truck drivers to use the authorised roads such as the designated Kalulushi Road, so as to save the lifespan of the roads within the CBD.

“No truck driver is allowed to use the roads in town, but we have been seeing that some drivers have been driving through especially on weekends. People have been complaining and we do not want to hear complaints from the residents because our duty is to listen to the public’s interest. All trucks should be covered with tents to ensure that there is no spillage,” said Kang’ombe.

And Chapamo Mining operations Managers Hebban Chibale said the mine was dealing with truck drivers who have different attitudes and behaviours.

He said the mine has given directives in its rules regarding the designated roads for all truck drivers to use, but admitted that some drivers were disobeying the orders.

“Sometimes it is the [bad] attitude of these drivers because we do tell them what to do and they decide to go offs route, sometimes we do conduct patrols so as to just make sure that truck drivers operate in a good manner,” he said.

Chibale pledged that his mine would put in an extra effort in ensuring that the truck drivers follow the laid down procedure of operations.