The Department of Immigration has apprehended 219 people in connection with various immigration offences countrywide.

In a press release, Department of Immigration public relations officer Namati Nshinka stated that 219 people, who committed various immigration offences countrywide, were arrested over a five-day period.

“The Department of Immigration between 14th and 19th December, 2018, apprehended a total of 219 persons for various immigration offences countrywide, including 171 apprehended in a clean-up operation conducted on 15th December, 2018. in various parts of Lusaka. The initial screening done on the day of the operation saw 70 suspects detained, 64 mandated to report to Immigration for further formalities and 37 released unconditionally, after producing proof of their legal immigration status,” Nshinka stated.

He added that 20 suspects remained in detention last Wednesday, while 112 were mandated to report to Immigration for formalities.

“As at 19th December, 2018, 20 suspects remained in detention, while one 112 had been mandated to report to Immigration for further formalities. Meanwhile, 39 of those apprehended had been released unconditionally. Screening of the suspects is ongoing,” Nshinka added.

And officers at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) last Tuesday succeeded in intercepting Congolese nationals who failed to produce legal immigration documents, according to Nshinka.

“Officers at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, on 18th December, 2018, intercepted 13 Congolese. The 13 were nabbed at a snap checkpoint after they failed to produce documents regarding their immigration status in Zambia. The group was leaving the airport after seeing off some Congolese refugees who were re-settled to Europe, when they were cornered. Similarly, the Chipata Regional Immigration Office on 16th December, 2018, in a clean-up operation, apprehended 12 suspected illegal immigrants. These were 10 Malawians and two Congolese,” he stated.

“Meanwhile, three Somalis in Kapiri Mposhi; two Burundese in Mbala; one Kenyan in Livingstone and one Congolese in Ndola, were all apprehended for unlawful entry. Others were one Congolese in Lukwesa; one Mozambican in Petauke and one Congolese in Mwami. Those apprehended for unlawful stay were one Zimbabwean and two Congolese in Mufulira; one Chinese; one Congolese; one Guinean in Kitwe and one Malawian in Lusaka. Others were one Congolese in Solwezi; one Zimbabwean in Kafue and one Tanzanian in Isoka. Others apprehended were two Burundese in Isoka and one Congolese in Nakonde, for concealing their true identity.”

Nshinka further narrated that the Department removed 18 illegal immigrants and refused entry to 18 other foreign nationals.

“During this period, the Department also removed 18 illegal immigrants from the country and refused entry to 18 other foreign nationals. Those removed were three Burundese; one Rwandese; one Tanzanian in Mpika; two Egyptians; one Gambian and one Tanzanian in Lusaka. Others were three Tanzanians in Kasama; three Congolese in Mufulira; two Malawians in Lundazi and one Congolese Brazzavillian in Mansa,” stated Nshinka.

“Those refused entry were two Tanzanians; one Kenyan and one South African, as they had exhausted their visit days, and two Kenyans; two Congolese and one Ugandan, for using invalid travel documents. Meanwhile, one Chinese and one Indian were refused entry for returning to Zambia prematurely, having been recently removed. Others refused entry were three Mozambicans and one Zimbabwean, for insufficient funds; one Beninese for not having an entry visa; one Syrian because his employment permit application was still being processed and one Rwandese for not having a host.”