Veteran politician Sikota Wina has urged the people of Western Province to strictly scrutinise all political parties contesting the upcoming Sesheke parliamentary by-elections, saying he has heard lots of political promises that have never been fulfilled.

The election in Sesheke which is scheduled for February 12, 2019, was necessitated following the demise of the area member of parliament Frank Kufakwandi, who died in South Africa last month.

Two political parties namely: the United Party for National Development (UPND) and the Patriotic Front (PF), have so far confirmed their participation in the elections, with each expressing a lot of confidence of emerging victorious.

In the heat of the ongoing campaigns, Wina told this reporter that what the people of Western Province needed was someone who would take development to the area and not make fake promises.

“All I can say is that the voters in Sesheke, like anywhere in the country, they expect government or members of parliament to bring development to their area. That is the whole purpose of having political parties and having elections from time to time. So the big question that the voters in Sesheke will be faced with is which political party as far as they can see has a record of bringing investment, creating jobs among youths and women and also projects, infrastructure projects on the ground. So that is what all the people in the country irrespective of their Provinces, wherever they are , that is what they expect government to do. So these are the questions that the voters have got to ask themselves when they go to vote in Sesheke,” Wina said.

He said it was about time Zambians began judging their leaders based on perfomance.

“As a people in Zambia, we must begin to judge our political parties on the basis of their records in terms of development and also how much they keep their promises to us. Instead of living on empty promises always, [we need to ask], do they fulfill those promises when they come into Parliament or when they come into power. That’s one question that the people of Sesheke have got to ask themselves. For those who have never been in power, that’s why you have election manifestos. For every election, every political when they go out to campaign, they must tell the people what’s in their manifesto. What is it they are promising to do when they are elected? What is their member of parliament going to do?, those are the questions voters must ask,” explained Wina.

“I am most grateful that you contacted me and asked me from my experience… people everywhere in the country now are tired of empty promises. They want to see results on the ground and what can be done. I have been listening to too many promises which have not been kept.”