The PF government must leave the lies it told Zambians in 2018 behind as the New Year begins, says Eastern Province Rainbow chairperson Emmanuel Nyau.

In an interview, Nyau observed that people did not enjoy last year because it was packed with lies from government, which citizens don’t need.

He reminded the PF government that what people wanted was to be told the truth because that’s what would help them solve their problems.

“I am asking the PF to leave 2018 lies behind, not to take them in this year 2019, but that they should embrace and practice the truth in this year. The citizens of this country need to be helped; they need actions and not the lies, which they where receiving last year that did not help anyone. And if they want to be loved by people, let them speak the truth. People are fed up of PF lies and they should make sure the monies allocated in the budget are used in the right way for the benefit of the people of Zambia,” Nyau said.

He recalled that government had promised farmers would be sorted out before the end of November, 2018, but that farmers had still not collected their inputs.

“Government lied to farmers as it said inputs will be given to them before the end of November; every farmer will have their inputs received, but not. It’s January, farmers are still stranded. Is this promise fulfilment? When we talk of the roads, it’s another issue because even themselves agree and testify that ‘nkhani ya ma road yabakanga’ now when are they going to manage?” he wondered.

Nyau has also called on the police to be professional in exercising their duties, adding that the Public Order Act should not favour anyone.

“Public Order Act was used against us where we, the opposition, were not allowed to meet the people or hold meetings. But the fact is that we also want to make structures and mobilise our parties just as [they do]. So, it’s important for the police to be fair to everyone as not doing so it’s not being democratic,” Nyau complained.

He predicted that the PF had no future, arguing that Zambians who are keen to rebuild the country should join hands with the Rainbow Party under Wynter Kabimba.

“The policy of Rainbow is to help the people because the true and genuine legacy of the late president Michael Sata is with Wynter Kabimba that is why anyone who is wise in PF has seen that there is no future in PF, and the best way is to move [with] Rainbow Party under Wynter Kabimba. The wish of Sata was street vending to be operating and the council to put certain measures to benefit from it as a nation, farmers to receive inputs in good time…let people trust Rainbow for their destiny,” urged Nyau.