Newly-elected Copperbelt PF Provincial Chairperson Nathan Chanda says he has no time to respond to attacks on his provincial leadership from National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili as he usually goes back to his own vomit.

In an interview, Chanda, who is also Luanshya Mayor, said only a PF ward chairman was fit to respond to Kambwili because his party, the NDC, was not a factor.

Reacting to Kambwili’s sentiments that the opposition would now penetrate the Copperbelt as the newly-elected Chanda-led provincial executive was weak, Chanda insisted that the Copperbelt was still the PF’s political bedroom.

“I don’t have time to waste talking about Honourable Kambwili; I am preoccupied with talking about how the Copperbelt Province, being the bedroom for the PF, will be run. And by the way, I am a senior member of the Central Committee of the PF, the ruling party. I would ask, maybe a ward chairman, to respond to Mr. Chishimba Kambwili since his political party is just in its infant state; it has no structures across the country, so I cannot waste my energy talking about him! PF is a mighty party, it’s a big party,” Chanda said.

“By now, you know who means well for this country. The same person today can say: ‘President Lungu is okay,’ tomorrow in the morning he will insult, he will go and change the statement. Today, he is the same man who would say even if you put Jesus in Southern Province, HH would win, tomorrow he would go and hero-worship HH! So, what he is doing is like going back to his own vomit!”

Chanda vowed not to be responding to Kambwili’s verbal attacks regardless of how provocative they would be.

“You have been following how Hon. Kambwili has been fighting me. He started fighting me when I was a councillor, when I was a Mayor and he is now fighting me when I am provincial chairperson. So, my secret about Honourable Kambwili is to keep quiet because sometimes, he doesn’t even know what he is talking about. So, I will not talk about him no matter what kind of provocation from him, I will not respond to him,” Chanda said.

Chanda insisted that Kambwili lacked consistency.

“Yesterday, (Wednesday) he had a press briefing where he claimed to have been speaking on behalf of Zambians. Today, he is fighting the PF government which wants to maximise on collecting more revenues from the mines; today, he is defending the mining companies. So, who does he stand for? Does he stand for Zambians or for the foreigners? Sometimes, abakalamba besu bacita lilya ngabalanda elo baibukisha eco bacilanda (he realises what he has said after he has said it). The same mouth he says why does PF want to collect more money from mining firms? So, if we don’t collect more money from the mining firms, he wants us to collect more money from a Zambian worker?” Chanda wondered.

Meanwhile, Chanda said even if all opposition political parties came together, they could not defeat the PF and President Edgar Lungu.

He argued that the 10-member opposition alliance would fail because they had selfish interests of wanting to go to State House.

“Even if all opposition [parties] came together in Zambia, they cannot beat the PF and President Lungu! President Lungu is very smart, smarter such that even if the all opposition teamed up, they can’t match him! Because the same opposition political parties do not believe in one ideology, all of them are just selfish, bitter people, and their organisation is not based on wanting to better the living conditions of Zambians, but it’s about selfish interest, it’s about bitterness, it’s about jealousy! So, how can people who are divided make an alliance that can stand the test of time?” wondered Chanda.

“Normal people can meet and say: ‘we want to better the living standards of Zambians,’ but those who are meeting are people who are meeting not because they want development for Zambia, if you want development, why criticise the construction of roads, hospitals, schools and many other developmental projects? Then what do you stand for? They can gather and make alliances, but we have seen alliances in Zambia come and go; before we go to elections, each one of them has got a notorious appetite of wanting to be (Republican) President. So, who will lead who? Who will follow who? Because leadership is about being ready to be led.”