Copperbelt PF Youth Treasurer Mumba Soko says it is time African leaders begin to find solutions to the challenges faced by their various countries.

And Soko hailed President Edgar Lungu as well as other African leaders for the effort displayed in ensuring that the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) attained its peace.

In an interview, Soko said the stability and security in the DRC was of paramount importance for Zambia as it provided the biggest market in southern Africa.

The DRC’s National Electoral Commission (Ceni) declared winning opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi of that country’s presidential election held on December 30, 2018, but losing candidate Martin Fayulu has challenged the results, thereby creating sustained political tension.

“Regarding all the various steps that African leaders are making on DRC, I must say that the African leaders have shown a lot of concern and they have made a lot of effort in ensuring that Congo DRC attains its stability and peace that is needed to foster economic development. It is, indeed, true that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu being the security chairperson of the SADC has shown true leadership in ensuring that he manages the affairs of the challenges that are being faced in the DRC. I must mention here that the African leaders in totality have shown commitment to the various challenges currently experienced in the DRC,” Soko said.

He said it was time African leaders began to find solutions to challenges faced by their various countries.

“I personally feel that it is time African leaders begin finding solutions to African challenges. And I think it is time that the African leaders provided the necessary leadership in dealing with the various challenges that African countries are facing in terms of economic, social, and political welfare. I want to commend President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for having taken a bold stance in advocating for a win- win situation in the DRC,” Soko added.

He said President Lungu had the responsibility to ensure that Zambia’s neighbours had the required peace to ensure stability.

“The stability and security in Congo is of paramount importance for us as a country as Zambia because Congo provides the biggest market in southern Africa and I think most of the business that are done [in Congo] have got to pass through Zambia. So, you can see that Zambia is an entry point as well as an exit point for the businesses in the DRC. So, therefore, President Edgar Lungu has the responsibility as well as the onus to ensure that our neighbours have got the peace that is needed. Therefore, every leader must support the efforts that President Lungu is making. We must all rise above political affiliations in order to begin supporting the good works that are being done by the President,” said Soko.