Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela has directed the Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) to be proactive in explaining technical features associated with various infrastructure projects across the country.

Chitotela lamented that government had on several occasions been unfairly criticized by several stakeholders for constructing various projects, yet EIZ had opted to remain silent despite having all the correct technical information.

He said he expected EIZ to defend the engineering profession by providing factual technical information on various projects government had embarked on.

This is according to a statement issued by ministry public relations officer Jeff Banda.

Chitotela was speaking during a courtesy visit at his office in Lusaka paid by the EIZ executive led by their president Eng Sydney Matamwandi.

“On several occasions, it has surprised me that the EIZ has not explained technical facts on various infrastructure projects, which government is putting up and some people have opted to spread falsehoods on them,” Banda quoted Chitotela as saying.

Chitotela cited the cost of the Michael Chilufya Sata Toll Plaza on the Ndola–Kitwe dual carriageway as one project that several stakeholders raised concerns on, but that EIZ remained mute in defending the project.

He urged the EIZ to rise to the occasion and highlight technical facts associated with all infrastructure projects government undertook.

He also appealed to the institute to uphold professionalism and ethics among all its members.

“You must take action on some of your members who are employed as consultants on some poorly-constructed projects in the country. It raises questions as to what motivated someone whether it is profit or just being unethical,” said Chitotela.

Chitotela further urged EIZ to be innovative and assured the institute of unwavering government support.

And Eng Matamwandi pledged continuous support to government policies.