Heavy rains have washed away 15 houses in Ndola’s Masala township.

And seven houses in Luanshya have also collapsed due to heavy rains.

Copperbelt has been experiencing heavy rains in the past five days, leaving a trail of destruction.

Ndola District Commissioner George Chisulo said 57 other houses are badly damaged.

Chisulo who visited the affected families yesterday said quick action has been taken by government to help mitigate the crisis.

“It is sad that 57 houses of kafubu ward in masala that have been greatly affected by the heavy rains. However, let me say that though bad the situation, it is known to government and quick action was underway. So fifteen small houses were swept away due to the heavy rains,” Chisulo said.

He has since assured the residents of Masala that government would look into the matter soon.

And Kafubu ward councillor Francis Kazembe disclosed that the major problem that caused the damages was the blockage of the stream from the industrial area to Kafubu river.

Kazembe has asked government to work on the stream as soon as possible in order for the problem to be solved.

Meanwhile, seven houses in Luanshya have collapsed due to heavy rains.

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda who visited the affected families described the situation as a disaster.

“This is a disaster and as your Mayor and Servant I will do my best to see that you our people are helped. So I will help with cement, and bricks so that we help you come up with temporary shelter. This is a disaster! Its a serious disaster. Our people need help,” said Chanda.