The Chongwe District Council has warned individuals and groups of people who are intending to take over the running of the newly-constructed Chongwe bus station.

In a statement, Chongwe District Council assistant public relations manager Mino Musonda warned some unscrupulous individuals who are reportedly planned to take over the local bus station once it was operational.

“Chongwe Municipal Council is warning individuals and groups of interest wishing and intending to take over the running of the Chongwe Bus station, to desist from their intentions or risk facing the wrath of the law. It has come to the attention of the local authority that some unscrupulous individuals and groups have intentions of taking over the operations of the bus stop once it is open to the public,” Musonda stated.

“In accordance with section 5 of the Markets and Bus stations Act of 2007, all markets and bus stations are under the control of the local authority in the area they are situated. The Council, therefore, will not entertain and tolerate any form of interference by any individual or group in the running of the newly-constructed Chongwe Bus Station.”

And Mino stated that the Council would take legal action against individuals who would be found interfering in the operations of the local authority.

“The local authority wishes to sternly warn that it will not relent to take the appropriate legal action on anyone found interfering with the operations of the local authority at the bus station. However, in the event that Council decides to manage the market through other partners, the right procedure would be followed to find partners that would run the station on behalf of the local authority. The Council would, therefore, like to appeal to the general public and in particular, commuters and transporters, to safeguard the property from vandalism,” stated Musonda.