Police in Sesheke have arrested two UPND cadres for being in possession of offensive weapons while six PF cadres have sustained injuries and are admitted to the district hospital after clashes between the two camps.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has narrated in a statement that this was as a result of the violence which began after a UPND cadre was caught by some PF cadre with a voter register, Tuesday, around 07:30 hours.

Katongo stated that the UPND suspect was then dragged to Sesheke Police Station where his party supports followed with a view to rescue him and in the process clashed with the rival PF group.

“When word went round that a UPND Cadre had been dragged to the Police, a group of UPND supporters went to the Police Station with a view of rescuing their colleague who had been dragged to Police and that was when the two camps, the PF and UPND clashed right at the Police Station and confusion ensued. Police moved in to disperse the unruly cadres from both UPND and PF and in the process, some PF cadres dashed to Sesheke Council Guest house where they were pursued by Police,” stated Katongo.

And Katongo has stated that investigations into what transpired at the guest house have been instituted.