Kalumbila Minerals Limited (KML) has recorded a striking reduction in the malaria prevalence cases among employees at the Sentinel Copper Mine to 1.8 out of 100 workers from 17 per 100 staff since 2010.

Malaria specialist Mulenga Musapa attributed the annual reduction trends between 2010 and last year to effective malaria control interventions among the employees and in the catchment communities around the mine area.

He said in 2010, the mining company recorded 17 malaria cases per 100 employees, but the number had dropped to 1.8 out of 100 workers, an achievement he said was largely due to the effective control strategies that had been put in place.

Musapa explained that the health interventions among employees and in the mine-supported catchment area in Kalumbila were reaping desired dividends due to the overwhelming cooperation for the indoor residual spraying programme from employees and community members, which had eased the coverage burden.

He said the high levels of intervention, infrastructure and awareness had all played a critical role in the malaria control programmes as they had positively impacted on the malaria incidence, leading to the protection of the employees and the communities.

And Musapa said senior Chief Musele welcomed all the health programmes in the area and encouraged all sub-chiefs to embrace the mining company’s malaria control and other health programmes, which were for the benefit of the local communities and employees.

“We are so inspired by the involvement of senior Chief Musele and his sub-chiefs in all our health programmes as he has been receptive whenever we have called on him to work with us as we roll out our health programmes. It is so encouraging that he has made it a point that all the sub-chiefs are also involved,” explained Musapa – SUMA SYSTEMS