Breeze FM station manager Samuel Ndhlovu has condemned the continued harassment of journalists by the ruling Patriotic Front Party cadres.

And People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) party president Andyford Banda says the beating of the Breeze FM reporter should be blamed on Mwila’s hate for private media journalists.

Reacting to a physical altercation where Breeze FM journalist Grace Lungu was beaten up by PF cadres in Lundazi District, Tuesday morning, Ndhlovu condemned the violent acts on their member of staff.

“Yes, I can confirm that our reporter Grace Lungu, who was assigned to cover the Mkomba Ward by-election, has been beaten by PF cadres in Lundazi. The PF cadres suspected that she was a UPND supporter. They got her belongings and money from the hand bag and shared,” Ndhlovu told News Diggers! in an interview, Tuesday.

He, however, explained that Lungu was rushed to the hospital for treatment and that she was feeling much better.

And in a separate interview, Tuesday, Banda condemned the beating and robbing of Lungu by the PF cadres in Mkomba Ward in Lundazi as she was assigned to cover the ward by-election, Tuesday.

“I think we just need to have an honest group of leaders; people who understand the actual principles of life to say that you cannot live in a society where you have to agree with everyone. And you see, this attack that has happened on your colleague in the media fraternity, it won’t be wrong for anyone to marry it to what PF secretary general did when he chased Prime TV journalists. That message, from the CEO of the PF; it entails that PF cadres can be brutal, they can be ruthless, they can be hostile to journalists, that what that message was saying. So what has happened in Lundazi to our colleague is not a surprise, and should be squarely blamed on Davies Mwila!” Banda said.

He also said President Edgar Lungu and his government must be worried about their legacies when they leave office in 2021 following a series of corrupt activities since occupying office in 2015.

“President Lungu and PF must worry about their legacies after they leave office because there are a lot of things that have happened in the last two years and half after the elections in 2016, even before the elections, the issues of fire tenders is something that happened before the 2016 (general) elections. All these issues should worry them because they (PF) should know that no one will be in office permanently,” Banda said, urging the PF government to start making amends now.

He said that it was shocking to see Housing and Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela facing serious corruption allegations, but still use an official government vehicle with impunity.

“There’s the issue of Honourable Chitotela, who has been investigated for corruption, but why is he driving a vehicle with a flag? Why is he representing us as a country? All these things are not normal! It is like as a country also; we have come to accept the abnormal to be the normal! All these things, I’m telling you, one day, someone will ask questions,” Banda said.

Meanwhile, commenting on the reported 1,000 job opportunities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), for drivers and maids as announced by Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe, Sunday, Banda urged the government to instead create sustainable local job opportunities to empower Zambians.

“I think there are a lot of ways of empowering your own people whether as block-makers, bus drivers, or as maids. I mean you can empower maids to own a cleaning company and give them opportunities to clean government offices, banks and corporate offices through partnerships. Bus drivers can also be given an opportunity to own their own buses; they cash out to the owners of the buses, why can’t they cash to the bank? These are some the things that need restructuring and implementing,” observed Banda.