Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has warned illegal churches in all the seven constituencies in Lusaka that they risk being closed if they cause noise pollution to unwilling listeners.

Responding to a press query from News Diggers, Sampa said he had also received complaints from the seven constituencies of pastors and churches that make noise in residential areas.

Sampa further observed that most churches have no council licenses or approvals to conduct their operations.

“All those churches who cause Noise pollution in residential areas risk being closed. My office is full of complaints from all seven Constituencies of churches and pastors who make noise for residents day and night. It’s noise in the sense that the sound is made to unwilling listeners whose interest may not be with that church but other churches. Those who want to worship, need to go inside churches and be spoken to by Pastors in a sober and peaceful manner. Most of these churches have no Council licences to conduct their operations. They need Council approval to host gatherings. Before issuing approvals, Council ensures Health and toilet facilities are adequate and in good condition to host crowds,” Sampa stated.

Sampa also warned that the local authority would soon be sending out inspectors on the ground adding that those found wanting would be closed.

And Sampa appealed to Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili to monitor and evaluate the mushrooming of churches in residential areas.

“We will send inspectors to check all these churches for our Approvals for them to operate. Those without our licences, will be closed. I appeal to Religious Affairs and National Guidance Minister Madam Godfridah Sumaili to help us monitor and evaluate these churches that have mushroomed in residential areas and causing noise pollution” stated Sampa.