The Zambia Police Command has directed administrators of all existing social media groupings to delete them, warning of severe action if the directive is not adhered to.

In a notice circulated on Tuesday, the Police Command directed all Police Commissioners in the country to start by closing down all social media groupings that are managed by their own officers.

The Command advised that the decision to ban social media groupings had been necessitated by continued abuse of social media platforms by police.

“The police command is dismayed with the continued abuse of social media by police officers who post articles and pictures intended to put the Zambia Police service in disrepute. To this effect, the Command has directed that all social media groupings managed by police officers of all ranks be closed with immediate effect,” read the notice.

“Further, administrators of the various social media groupings are directed to see to it that the groupings which they administer are closed with immediate effect, failure to which they will be held accountable including facing severe disciplinary actions. Inform all officers under your jurisdictions accordingly.”