Pupils at Mwasipi Primary School in Nyanje area of Sinda District last week caught their teacher half naked after he attempted to rape a local deaf and dumb woman at the named school, identified as Rose.

The teacher, identified as Milishi Kasumbi, who has since admitted the charge of attempted rape was caught in the nearby maize fields after he attempted to bolt, leaving his clothes behind.

Brother to the victim, Million Zulu, narrated that the named student teacher went to the house twice, and failed to gain access until he broke the on the third attempt and started wrestling with Rose, who sustains bruises in the process.

“When I was called I found he was in the hands of the schools boys who are renting the nearby house. Upon asking what happened, they said Kasumbi had entered my sister house by breaking the door and when the boys heard the noise, they came to intervene, but he ran away. The boys were able to catch him half naked as he had left his clothes behind. This is not the first time, its now the third time all the past days he was refusing but today he can’t defend himself” said Zulu

When he was taken before the local court at Nyanje Headquarters, Kasumbi admitted the offence before section chairperson Godfrey Banda, blaming his action on alcohol.

“Truly,this afternoon we had resolved an issue as a committee which happened last night where Mr Kasumbi was found at a certain lady’s house without agreement and upon finding out, it was narrated that it was the third time he kept troubling the woman. The victim family have forgiven him but asked him to pay for the damage of the door he broke and other things which will cost around K700,” said Banda

And section vice chairperson Joseph Phiri wondered how Kasumbi would be able to stand in front of the pupils who caught him to teach the following day.

“Now I stand to wonder how you will be teaching since some pupils saw your state and even after completing your teaching practice if you will be conducting yourself in this state, are you not going to abuse pupils? You need to change if things are to move well with you” said Phiri