The contradicting statements of PF Secretary General Davies Mwila and Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale have exposed the PF’s disunity and lack of co-ordination, says Eastern Province Rainbow Party youth chairperson Emmanuel Nyau.

Commenting on Mwila’s pronouncement last week where he appealed to the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to stop harassing street vendors in the Capital city, while Mwale maintained that street vending was illegal, Nyau bemoaned the lack of co-ordination between the party and government on the matter.

He, however, endorsed Mwila’s view on leaving street vendors alone because harassing them jeopardised their incomes.

“When we say PF is disorganized, people don’t believe us. When in a home, the husband and wife speak different statements to the children, just know that house is on fire, and the fire you can see in that family is what we have seen in the PF government! You heard that PF SG Mr Mwila said street vendors should not be chased, but we also saw and hear Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale and their mayors disregarding the cry and echoes of Mwila! This is a sign of disunity and disorganisation in the PF government,” Nyau told News Diggers! in an interview.

He, however, lamented that government’s maintenance of street vending being illegal would have an adverse impact on people’s incomes.

“Where does Vincent and his mayors think people will survive from? Where are they going to find incomes to educate their children? Does he know that most of those women are widows whose husbands died and they are the bread winners through that street selling? Why is PF doing this to innocent people?” Nyau asked.

He said Mwila knew late president Sata’s plans on street vendors, insisting that vendors could only be removed if government gave them jobs and offered other progressive life skills.

“When Sata was still alive, together with our leader Wynter Kabimba, they promised street vendors not to be removed from the streets until government finds them jobs. Now, PF has not allocated jobs to them and want to chase them! In fact, not wanting to chase them, but chasing them! The cry of these people; the suffering that the families of these chased families will undergo, will reach the ears of God and at the right time, when God takes a step then the PF government will cry,” cautioned Nyau, who also agreed with Mwila that chasing street vendors de-campaigned the ruling party.

“Mwila oversees the PF strength and weakness has seen the truth that the step taken (removing street vendors) is against the party. Surely, nizoona ugona kwao tabena tipezerepo mwai my 2021. Lekani apilitize zomwe alikucita kuti kwa ife tikati mwaziona zomwe adalonjeza (truly their sleepiness some of us will find lack out of it in 2021. Let them continue so that to us we go and say have you seen what they promised you?”)