All Peoples’ Congress Party (APC) president Nason Msoni says Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo was being cheeky and mischievous with his sentiments against the U.S embassy, following their call on the IBA to lift the 30 days suspension slapped on Prime TV.

On Friday last week during the ‘Let the People Talk’ program on Radio Phoenix, Kasolo said it annoyed him that foreign dignitaries such as those from the U.S Embassy were undermining the sovereignty of the country by commenting on the suspension of Prime TV, ignoring the violation of media freedom by their President Donald Trump.

In a statement, Monday, Msoni observed that Kasolo’s language was inviting the American government to consider imposing sanctions on those he described as trouble makers in the PF government.

“Kasolo is being cheeky and mischievous in his approach towards the legitimate concerns expressed by our bilateral partners on the flimsy closure of Prime TV for 30days. We think that sovereignty is not an insulation or convenient cover for undemocratic practices. The World is now one global village and any village bullies must be tickled at all levels to ensure that the rule of law is upheld,” Msoni said.

“It is lawlessness to shut down a business on flimsy political grounds without taking the plight of workers into consideration. Effectively, this is a ruse meant to frustrate and ground the television station. It is a precursor and prelude towards complete shutdown of the Television station.”

Msoni said the United States of America government would be in order to consider imposing sanctions on Zambia.

“The APC denounces the uncouth statement issued by Kasolo against the U.S government in the strongest term. We urge the U.S government and the EU to take note of all trouble makers of this regime and apply specific smart sanctions on the individuals as the case was with Zimbabweans Ministers of ZANU PF,” Msoni said.

“The insolence and belligerence of individuals of the PF regime is shocking and striking. At best, needs to be checked if democracy is to survive at this rate. The time is certainly ripe for specific actions to be taken against individuals out to cause trouble and undermining our democratic dispensation.”