If you cut Chishimba Kambwili’s hand, the blood that comes out of him is PF, he is a brother who just failed to managed his ambitions, says Roan PF campaign manager Richard Musukwa.
And Musukwa says NDC is crying of being blocked from nominating their candidate in Roan because it has no identity of its own but is rather established and composed of undisciplined PF members.

Meanwhile, Musukwa says UPND will be ruined if it goes into a by-election partnership to support the NDC candidate in Roan.

On Wednesday, the UPND and NDC charged that they were aware that PF was making efforts to disqualify the alliance members from the Roan parliamentary race, so that the ruling party can go through unopposed.

But in an interview with News Diggers! Musukwa who is also Mines Minister said PF had no other intentions apart from teaching its prodigal sons in NDC a lesson.

Asked if it was true that PF was trying to block NDC and other political parties from contesting the Roan seat, Musukwa said his party only wanted to teach NDC a lesson.

“No we are not blocking anyone. How can we block them? We just want to teach them a lesson that as an undisciplined son with his followers that we will defeat them and they should come back to PF because that is their party. We will defeat them as individuals [and] we will also defeat them as an alliance. And we have told you that if you open in the hearts of NDC, they are PF members. So I want to advise our colleagues in the UPND to be careful with NDC because those are our members. If you cut the hand for Chishimba Kambwili, the blood that comes out of him is PF. He is our brother, he is a founding member, he just can’t manage his ambition,” Musukwa said.

Kambwili is our prodigal son and we are waiting for him to finish everything, we know he is coming back. Those members who are following him will be shocked. I am surprised at the politics of the UPND [and I think] that is why the UPND is going nowhere. How can they go in an alliance with our children? So the UPND does not know how to do politics. So we will defeat them as individuals and we will defeat them as a consortium,” Musukwa said.

He charged that NDC was a group of undisciplined PF members.

“Zambia is a democratic dispensation and in that democratic dispensation, we expect competitors, whether they are weak or strong [but] we expect competitors. PF is not in any way having any manoeuvres to ensure that no one competes. They are all welcome [and] we will defeat them at their hands. Those complaints are as a result of conceding defeat already. Instead of crying out loud, they should just come in the open and compete. And they should know that NDC is a product of undisciplined PF members. They are our prodigal children [and] we have been waiting for them to come back to our party because that is where they belong. That is why you are hearing them crying because they have no identity of their own, their identity is PF, that is where they belong,” Musukwa said.

“So ba NDC are our prodical children and PF has always been waiting for them and even today we are still waiting for them. In fact we have been waiting for them to disband their party and come back to PF because that is where they belong. It is laughable that UPND and NDC [with] our own founding members can go and postulate that they are working with UPND. Those who work with UPND are just dramatising. And I want to warn UPND that those (NDC) are our children who are just dramatising. In fact they are aspersing UPND. Those are our founding members and we are waiting for them to disband their party and come back to where they belong.”

He added that PF and NDC squabbles were a family issue which needed no intruder.

“Our focus in Roan is development in terms of job creation on the mine platform, development in terms of road infrastructure, water and also empowerment of our youths and our women. We don’t want politics of appeasement. We want politics that is going to sustain the lives of our people of Roan. As you know for a long time, their MP has been on the run in terms of pursuing [his] presidential ambitions. So they need a member that will be doing local politics and locally based, that one graduated to presidential. So this fight we have is a family fight,” said Musukwa.

“For us we would like to ensure that any formation from the opposition will be defeated because we are conducting issue based campaign based on development, and that is our message. And I want to assure the people of Roan and Luanshya and Zambia at large that PF will conduct issue based campaigns in Roan and anchored on the none violence principle because we believe in talking to our people who vested their interest in the PF and His Excellency the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.