UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says the Opposition Alliance is a formidable force that will dislodge the thieving PF from power in 2021.

And Hichilema says President Edgar Lungu was mocking poor people by dancing in celebration when someone declared that he had a sack full of money.

Meanwhile, NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says President Edgar Lungu personifies corruption and must start by fighting himself before he invites others to join the fight against graft.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Kafue to drum up support for UPND council chairperson candidate Beatrice Kayuni, Hichilema said the opposition was uniting to kick out “thieves” in 2021.

“Treat your brothers and sisters from NDC well here in Kafue, they are our people. Some of you were complaining that we did not adopt a candidate in Roan, that is our strategy, in Roan it’s NDC, here and Bahati it’s UPND. We are uniting ourselves for 2021 to ensure that we kick out these thieves who are in government now,” Hichilema said.

And Hichilema said President Edgar Lungu was mocking poor people by dancing in celebration when someone declared that he had a sack full of money.

“Get whatever they bring for you because that is your money which they have stolen, it’s not Edgar Lungu’s money. Lungu had no money before joining government, now he has so much money and he is dishing it out anyhow, get it, it is your money but never make a mistake of voting for him. What kind of a person would dance in celebration when someone praises him publicly that this is the man with a sack of money? He is dancing, mocking you people. Why can’t civil servants be paid on time when this money moves around with a bag of money?” Hichilema asked.

“People of Kafue don’t be cheated, PF has been lying that PF will bring development. What development has PF brought here? There are jobs here, those who have completed their studies have nothing to do. Thye said you will have more money in your pockets, do you have money in your pockets? Look at the cost of essential commodities like mealie meal, the prices have gone up. How can you be chanting ‘pa bwato, pa bwato’ with all these challenges? They have been lying to you that they will recapitalize NCZ, but up to now, there is nothing happening at NCZ.”

He insisted that UPND was not a tribal party.

“The former council chairperson Zulu was here saying that there was tribalism in UPND that was nonsense. He was saying foolish things and his boss was listening to him because he too likes such foolishness. If there was tribalism, my brother Kambwili could not have been here with me. We need to unite as a country and stop the pettiness of talking about tribe. That’s why I will be going to Roan and Bahati to show the people of Zambia that we are one,” said Hichilema.

Meanwhile, Kambwili said President Lungu is corruption personified and he must start by fighting himself before he invites others to join the fight against graft.

“And you see, a person who has no shame is a fool. Where I come from they say insoni ebuntu (a human being must have shame). How can Edgar, with all that theft, with all those houses he has built for himself, he has even refused to fire Chitotela, be the one to go and mock MPs in Parliament that ‘join me to fight corruption?’ you are the corruption yourself, fight yourself then you can fight others,” Kambwili said.

“But because our colleague has got no shame, it seems there are no good advisors where he comes from. Don’t you know that alcohol abuse, drinking alcohol foolishly, is a mental case? Don’t you know that one of the things that contribute to mental problems is alcohol abuse? Now when you confess yourself that you drink alcohol and your friend says take him for mental checkup, you arrest your friend and put him in custody, isn’t that foolishness?”

Kambwili charged that President Lungu’s cheeks had become so thick because of stealing from Zambians.

“I just came to encourage you and tell you to stand with us, if you continue voting for Lungu he will continue stealing from us. Look at how his cheeks have become thick, before he became President he was looking like he was suffering from marasmus. But today he has gained weight. A leader like Hakainde or myself would dance decently if a song was played right now, but look at the way he dances, isn’t that foolishness?” Kambwili asked.

Kambwili said the people who were in PF today were thieves, adding that the genuine PF died with late president Michael Sata.

“Some people want to stick to PF the way a tick sticks to a dog, a dog is sick and the tick will continue holding on to the dog until it dies. People held on to MMD for a long time even when it was clearly failing to perform until we went down with it, and now some people want to die with PF. When someone has done his part, when they have run their race and tired, they must be excused, they must be showed the exit door. But just because PF is giving money and Chitenge materials, you want to hold on to them. If such kind of behaviour does not stop, this country will never develop. PF is tired and they must be retired, if anything, PF died with Sata, there has been no PF after Sata’s death, the people who have come after him are blatant thieves!” Kambwili charged.

“We have a by-election in Luanshya after the Speaker kicked me out of Parliament using a non-existent law. Today I have left the campaigns in Roan to come here, under normal circumstances you would say ‘this man has no wisdom’ how can he leave heated campaigns in Roan and come here? But the Bembas say ‘twendebabilitemwenso’ (There is strength in working together).”

Kambwili said PF was threatened by the Opposition Alliance.

“Let’s hold on to this crusade we have started of working together with our colleagues in UPND. The PF are happy whenever the opposition is fragmented but now we have decided to come together. In Bahati and Roan, the PF have developed diarrhea after seeing us unite to support each other. I plead with you the people of Kafue to reject Lungu and his candidate in this by-election, otherwise you will cause yourselves great trouble,” said Kambwili.