NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has insisted that Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe is President Edgar Lungu’s witchdoctor who only gets paid for laughing to appease the Head of State.

And Kambwili has described President Lungu as the “Drunken Master”.

Speaking at a campaign rally to drum up support for NDC candidate in Roan, Joseph Chishala, Monday, Kambwili mocked Sikazwe saying he was paid to laugh.

And Kambwili alleged that Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe was a mere witchdoctor for President Lungu, arguing that the minster was being paid for laughing frequently.

“Even if you bring a witchdoctor like (Freedom) Sikazwe, the one with white hair, at State House, there is nothing he can do. Because some people are not ministers, they are witchdoctors for the President. Bushe kwena ici muntu ca ba fye ica seka seka, ati Presidential affairs minister, kuti mwa tila calo?’ (How can someone who laughs every time be appointed as presidential affairs minister? Can such be said to be a serious country?)” Kambwili asked.

“A person’s worth, is seen by the company he keeps. If someone plays with fools, drunkards and prostitutes, even the wife will be insulting him together with his friends, but if you play with wise people who have been giving you good advice, even your wife will be asking if your friend is not seen in a long time. Now look at Sikazwe. ‘Bushe Mwali mwishiba Sikazwe? Wena I think afolela paku seka, nangu ba President baimya ukulu ninshi na seka (Do you know who Sikazwe is? He is the man who gets paid for laughing, even when the president just lifts his leg, he will start laughing).”

Efforts to get a comment from Sikazwe were futile as his phones were off. But in October 2018, the Presidential Affairs Minister punched Kambwili in Parliament after the then Roan PF member of parliament called him a witchdoctor.

Sikazwe told News Diggers after the incident that he attacked Kambwili because he is “very stupid”.

“It was the usual debate, he was debating and in his debate, he was alleging that this government, whatever money they are getting, they are getting the money ‘question!’ that is what followed, where we said ‘question’. And his comment now was that ‘people who are saying question, like this one seated here Honourable Sikazwe is a witch. And that’s what annoyed me. You can go and get the verbatim from parliament, that made me annoyed,” Sikazwe had said.

Asked if he was going to punch him if there were no people to restrain him, Sikazwe said he was going to punch Kambwili hard because he is a stupid man.

“Yes I would have punched him seriously because he is very stupid,” Sikazwe had told News Diggers!

Meanwhile, Kambwili also described President Lungu as the “Drunken Master”.

“The foolishness in PF has escalated because the current leader is a drunken master. I was very close with Lungu, even before he became President, he was just drinking alcohol and people were just carrying him on wheelbarrows. [Michael] Sata just felt pity for him and made him minister because he was Sata’s lawyer at some point, before he became confused, but just after stealing K39,000 from a widow and LAZ confiscated his practicing license, he just started drinking alcohol carelessly like a wild animal. But today he is filthily rich! That’s why I have been telling him that ‘you have long hands’” Kambwili said.

“When I was growing up, I promised that I will be MP and build a hospital here, but because Lungu never built even a single clinic in Chawama, he stopped giving us CDF. When you see someone being jealous of another person’s good works, you must know that such a person is a fool. ‘Nshilumbwile umuntu ulionse, but umwine icipuba uwaiminika clinic naishiba’ (I have not mentioned any individual as being a fool, but the fool who stopped the construction of the clinic knows himself). There is no cure for foolishness, you are born with it and go to the grave with it.”

And Kambwili urged people to reject the PF candidate even if the ruling party gave them money to influence their choice.

“Icibemba citila ‘umutaba weshilu baukontola ilyo lipenene’ (You can only benefit from a mad man’s belongings when his madness strikes.) If you see someone who does not visit you, someone who has never bought you anything and someone who does not care about you, suddenly coming to visit you with a lot of things, just know that he wants something from you and that’s what PF is doing here, they are here because they want votes. You needed the ministers who have come here in numbers, at the time when you lost jobs in the mines but they left you with your Kambwili but today they have come in numbers like flies. Eat whatever they give you but remember your problems” Kambwili said.

“If Sata did not die, this country would have been better. But you same people of Zambia delayed to vote for Sata, we started PF in 2001 but you only voted for Sata in 2011 when he was old and tired. He only ruled for about two years and died. ‘Yesu atile ‘mwilandilila, muleililia mwebene nabana benu. Naine wine newakwa Kambwili, bushe ifi nalekele bu MP, nangu naleka nama politics, nkacula? Ine mwebo ngumfwilo uluse nimwebo’ (Jesus said do not cry for me, cry for yourselves and your children. Even myself, even after stopping being MP and even if I decided to stop politics, do you think I can suffer? It is you people I am worried about).”

Kambwili said suspended NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge was not part of the campaign team because PF had paid him to keep quiet.

“When someone has been corrupted, they have no power to speak against those who have corrupted them. Look at Mwenya Musenge, he was the Secretary General of NDC, but he got corrupted and started insulting me. We are campaigning now but he is not here, it is difficult to speak out when you are corrupted because they always remember what they were given and continue keeping quiet,” said Kambwili.