Police in Kitwe have arrested six Copperbelt University students for riotous behavior.

And a fourth year economics student jumped from the fourth floor of his hostel and broke his leg in an attempt to escape CBU security.

This came barely hours after President Edgar Lungu and Higher Education Minister Prof Nkandu Luo warned that CBU and UNZA will be closed if “students and lecturers continue misbehaving”.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said the six were arrested on Wednesday evening.

“We had reports of riotous behavior by CBU students. Where unknown number of students broke window pens and shattered the windows of the Vice Chancellor Prof Naison Ngoma’s office. In total 22 window pens were broken. Stones were used in the act,” Katanga said.

“The riots were prompted by members of the union executive who were served with exculpatory letters for inciting a class boycott at the campus. Six students were arrested and one male student by the name of Augustine Chamoda 25, a fourth year Economics student jumped from the fourth floor of B block hostels and broke his leg after running away from the CBU security as he was part of the rioting students.”

Katanga said calm had since returned to the institution and named the students who were arrested.

“Police were deployed and calm returned. Those arrested are Moses Mwewa, 24, Tendai Kashila, 21, Mathews Zulu, 21, Wisdo Sinkala, 21, Renox Mumani 20 and David Malambo 20. As police we wish to warn that unruly behavior will not be tolerated,” said Katanga.