Some local bus drivers in Ndola staged protests, Friday morning, against what they called harassment by PF cadres, who operate Rosa buses at various stations and others who collect illegal taxes from them.

The drivers, mainly those who operate from Masala and Chifubu routes, are demanding that they should be given a designated new station at Broadway where they would operate free of the PF cadres.

The bus drivers started the protests at Mulungushi Bus Station before proceeding to the office of the District Commissioner.

But before the drivers could seek audience with the DC, police fired five warning shots to disperse them.

The drivers then retreated and parked in front of the Ndola City Council blocking Independence Avenue.

After the bus drivers started dancing and chanting anti government slogans on the road, a group of police officers was seen approaching the protesters to negotiate for truce.

“Guys come and sit here we talk. This issue we need you to send your representatives to the office. Let us avoid these protests and riots,” a police officer identified as Kauseni reasoned with the protestors.

Later, the bus drivers drove away but threatened to return if their demands were not addressed.

Ndola District Commissioner George Chisulo stayed locked up in his office as a heavy presence of C5 police officers kept the protesters at bay.