NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says persecution has now become part of his life.

And Kambwili says he can identify all the PF cadres who threatened to kill him if police call him in to give a statement.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says the people of Roan have shown President Edgar Lungu that they don’t want a Head of State who likes to dance instead of work.

Speaking when he featured on Prime Television’s Oxygen of Democracy programme, Monday, Kambwili said he had told his wife and children to treat it as part of his life whenever they heard he had been arrested.

“It has become part of my life to be persecuted. I have told my wife and children that ‘if you hear that I am in police custody you should treat it as part of my life’. And this is one reason why the people of Luanshya (Roan) rejected PF because they’ve seen that they’ve been unfair to me, that they’ve been persecuting me. Even after being taught a lesson by the people of Luanshya, they [PF] still want to continue with the persecution, but I am ready for them. They sent a call out [on Monday], asking me to go to the police station but we communicated to them that [our] lawyers are not around because they were engaged with court cases. So once we confer with the lawyers then we can tell them when we can appear before them. But as usual, they brought the entire Kamfinsa Mobile Unit to Luanshya. They blocked roads leading into town as if they had arrested a coup suspect,” Kambwili said.

“I have been reliably informed that they are making inquiries in an allegation by Kaizer Zulu that I damaged his vehicle and assaulted a woman, one of those that were getting illegal NRCs in Roan. But all these are manufactured lies meant to cover the illegal things that they are doing. There are 15 complaints against Bowman Lusambo, ranging from common assault; theft of mobile phones; beating up people and aggravated robbery in which he and his group attacked the NDC vehicle, stole K15,000 from them, five mobile phones and the purse for one of the ladies who was in the vehicle. A case of aggravated robbery has been opened but he has not been summoned and they decide to go and go and call me to go and answer to a case of Kaizer Zulu’s vehicle.”

And Kambwili said he could identify all the PF cadres who threatened to kill him if police call him in to give a statement.

“It appears anybody who belongs to PF is above the law. Look at the video going around, where those boys are insulting me, insulting my mother like that. Those are known PF cadres and I was so surprised that Sunday Chanda could say they are distancing themselves [as PF] from those boys because they are not PF cadres. I was national youth chairman before Sunday Chanda even knew how PF smells. Remember Sunday Chanda has always been Sunday Chanda, when we were in the opposition he was insulting Mr Sata the way he’s insulting me. Today Sunday Chanda can come and say those are not PF boys, I know all of them, they are found at Intercity and some of them are found at Soweto market. Those are the same people that they put together every time there is an election to go and cause confusion. Those vehicles they were standing on, they are Kaizer Zulu’s. He moves with that convoy everywhere he goes. And those land cruisers belong to Kaizer Zulu. Then someone says those are not PF cadres, God will judge you. But we have officially complained to the police and obviously they will call us to go and give a statement. Once we give the statement, we will name them one by one because those are known boys,” Kambwili said.

Kambwili insisted that violence on poll day in Roan was perpetuated by PF members lead by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo.

“The violence that was in Roan was only perpetuated by three people; Bowman Lusambo, the candidate himself Joel Chibuye and Kaizer Zulu and I have every evidence to that effect. Three of our vehicles were damaged, one of them belonging to our youth chairman Kabwita had its windows smashed by Thabo Kawana, we reported this to the police but he has not been arrested. Kaizer Zulu made a fake report that one of our boys damaged his vehicle, they never even exhibited the vehicle that was damaged, the boy was locked u for seven days and was only given a police bond on Friday. But Thabo Kawana damaged the vehicle in full view of the police but he’s still walking the streets,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili said the NDC’s victory in Roan meant that the people of Luanshya were tired of being led by a President who likes to dance instead of working.

“When the President came to Luanshya, he did not say anything that gave hope to the people, except to tell them that ‘Chishimba Kambwili has failed’. But the people of Roan spoke that ‘we have no jobs, mines have been closed and when we were put on recess, there was only one man speaking for us who is Chishima Kambwili. But today you come in his backyard and tell us that he’s a failure, he’s not a performer’… the people of Luanshya spoke on behalf of the 16 million Zambians, appealing to them that ‘we are going to set a trend which we want all of you to follow to show President Edgar Lungu and his administration that there is more to governance than merely dancing Dununa reverse’,” said Kambwili.