NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has surrendered to police, names, National Registration Card numbers and contact numbers of the youths who threatened to kill him in a video which went viral on social media recently.

And Kamwbili has demanded that government provides information on what President Edgar Lungu and the owners of Vendetta’s Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) discussed at their meeting a few months ago saying the situation at Chingola’s mining giant has worsened ever since it was held.

At a press briefing in Lusaka, Wednesday, Kambwili said the names and contact details of the youths who threatened to kill him had been given to him by PF insiders who were not happy with what was going on.

Kambwili further called on Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga and the entire Police Command to take up the matter and arrest the “boys”, insisting that police have all the evidence needed.

“These are the names of the people in the video. The master minders are Mr Davies Mubanga, his NRC number is 712577/11/1, his mobile number is 0977220950. Ackim Zulu, NRC number 644474/11/1 and his mobile number is 0966409200, he operates from Chibolya market and he’s actually Congolese. The other one is Lawrence Kayumba, his mobile number is 0977975327, he operates at Simpson building in Makeni. The other is Misheck Mumba, his mobile number is 0978369012, he operates at Garden House in Kanyama. The others are David Kabwe, NRC number 644474/11/1, his mobile number is 0966409200. The other is Crystal, I only know him as Crystal. The other one is Kayombo and his number is 0967243261. The other one is called Zayelo and his other nick name is “Polly line’. Then there is Dalisto, then there is Pronto. Pronto’s number is 0960702670. The other one is Pokuba and the last one is Monday, Monday’s number is 0969623992,” Kambwili said.

“And for your own information, this has been given to me by PF insiders who are also not happy with what is going on and they have told me these are Kaizer Zulu’s boys who he uses in every election. So the onus on you Katanga and the Police Command to arrest these boys. You even know them, don’t pretend that you don’t know them.”

Kambwili challenged Katanga to arrest everyone involved in the violence against NDC members during the Roan elections, saying she had all the evidence to arrest the culprits.

“Ba Mayo behaviour yenu tailelanga ukuti nimwe ba Police Commissioner, ilelanga ukutila nimwe ba cadre ba PF (Madam your behaviour is not befitting of a Police Commissioner but that of a PF cadre). But I want to warn you that your days are numbered, if you are Commissioner worth your salt, tell your police officers to effect arrests against those people. We have been told by your officers that you are the only one who is telling them not to arrest them. They are ready to go ahead with the dockets but you are stopping them. [Davies] Mwila issued a statement as secretary general of PF that all those who were involved, including President Edgar Lungu, arrest them, why are you not arresting them Katanga? If this is how you are looking for a position of Inspector General (of Police), you will never be. You will end up with that position, to the contrary, you will end up in jail,” Kambwili said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili appealed to President Edgar Lungu to solve KCM problems.

“I want to appeal to the government to seriously look at the KCM issues. His Excellency the President had a meeting with the owner of Vendetta, Mr Agawa, we want to know what they discussed. Because what has shocked the people of Chingola and the whole world is that immediately after Mr Agawa left, things have become worse at KCM. [Worse] to the extent that even the few contract employees that were getting paid, they have now completely stopped getting paid. Can we know what is going on between this government and KCM. I don’t think we are going to continue singing the same song of KCM, from about 2008 we’ve just been talking about the issues at KCM, what has gone wrong with our government today? People are not getting paid at KCM and to make matters worse, what has happened is that following the enactment of the new Constitution, it was agreed that the retirement age is now 60. But KCM have refused that all their employees would be retired at 55. They are also saying that when they retire, their pension will only be paid in two forms, one 50 per cent and two, the other 50 per cent they will be getting as a salary on a monthly basis,” he said.

“But when you look at this salary that they are talking about on a monthly basis, it’s less than K1000. Looking at the prevailing economic hardships that we have in Zambia, can somebody survive by getting K600 or K1000 a month? Where is the government? I think we must be serious with what we do as government, the Constitutional Court ruled that President Edgar Lungu qualifies to run for a third term under the new Constitution. But you are telling the KCM employees that those who started work before January, 2015 when the new Constitution was signed will retire at 55 years because they are not affected by the new change. But what kind of people are we? When it comes to the President, he qualifies on the conditions under the new Constitutions but when it comes to ordinary people [like] employees at KCM then they don’t qualify…and I am so shocked to learn that the matter went to Court and the Court ruled that ‘yes they are not entitled’. But how can you have two different rulings on the same Constitution? You can clearly see that we are in a confused State where you have two types of rules, one for those in the ruling party and the other for the ordinary people.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili also sympathized with Zambia Railways employees who had been threatened with dismissals if they continued protesting against four months salary arrears.

“Today (Wednesday), people have been treated like animals at TAZARA. Why is it that you are failing to pay people and you want to start chasing them and threatening them like they don’t have rights? People gathered in Mpika today to call on the company to pay then their four months salary arrears. Surely, how can someone survive without getting paid for four months? They called the labour office and this labour officer goes to intimidate the workers that ‘if you don’t go for work, you will be fired’. The job of the labour officer is to harmonise between management and the employees. Now you know that employees have not gotten paid for four months and you go to threaten them that nobody will support you and you will lose your job. Again President Edgar Lungu, the ball is your court. Pay TARAZA employees just as much as you should pay Zampost employees,” said Kambwili.