Police in Kitwe have arrested over 50 suspected notorious gang members from different groups.

And Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu says his office is closing in on the notorious gangs.

Last year, police clamped down notorious gangs in Kitwe called Tokota Boys, The Hundreds, Real Niggers among others.

However, the gangs have resurfaced and they have been beating up Kitwe residents.

But Mpundu said the days of the notorious criminal gangs were numbered.

“The days of the criminal gangs in Kitwe are numbered as the operations so far conducted by the police are yielding good results, thanks to the support from the members of the communities who are now willingly giving us tip offs as to where these criminals are hiding. In the last two days over 50 arrests have been made and some have already appeared before the court as we have now vowed to eliminate these criminals completely,” Mpundu said.

“We will continue engaging members of the community as this has proved to be the surest way to have them participate in sharing information. I therefore, wish to note with delight the efforts being made by the police in cracking these criminals down and it should be noted that there will not be any stone left unturned in our quest to eliminate these gangs.”

He warned people that were concealing information about the gangs.

“A warning to all those keeping or otherwise sponsoring these criminals that your days are numbered you may have to start running for your lives,” warned Mpundu.