Lusaka UPND chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta says Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s (GBM) insulting language against Hakainde Hichilema will not stop Zambians from voting for the opposition leader because citizens look up to him for a better Zambia.

In an interview, Mwaliteta said GBM was so desperate to be accepted in PF that he had resolved to try and destroy HH at all costs.

“We are very shocked at GBM’s desperation to try and bring HH down as an individual. He’s not trying to bring UPND down as a party. But then bringing HH down will be very difficult for him because GBM hardly knows HH. HH is very clean, so I don’t know how GBM is going to finish him when he’s still waiting for his re-admission in the PF after three years. This just shows how childish our former party vice-president has become. But such kind of hatred cannot build Zambia. We are striving as country to unite this country, but we have elderly people like him (GBM) who were even there before Independence, and he saw how the people struggled to bring this country together. But him he’s busy trying to destroy it! Thank God the Zambian people know his agenda; they don’t even pay too much attention to him now. This is why he’s just barking without even any object he’s seeing. He’s just firing and missing targets. It’s unfortunate,” Mwaliteta said.

He said he was shocked that GBM had been admiring PF’s mismanagement of the country’s resources all along.

“I never knew that even when he was with us in the UPND, he was admiring the mismanagement of our resources on the part of PF. So, he really wanted to have a chance to go back there and join them so that somehow, he can be a beneficiary. But it’s too late because there is nothing he’s going to benefit, so even if he’s gone there, he is not going to benefit anything because this country is bankrupt!” Mwaliteta said.

“I want to thank the president of UPND for ignoring him because the past few years they have worked together, HH has known his capacity. So, really, he has realised that he is not the person he can answer back because he’s a man of no substance.”

Mwaliteta insisted that nothing would divert the attention of Zambians from looking up to HH for a better Zambia.

“As UPND, we want to forgive GBM, whatever he says, we have seen that the Zambian people are not even following him, they have realised that he’s just firing at wrong targets. People are looking at how to fight poverty, but him he’s looking at how to bring down HH. How can you have a politician of his calibre, instead of trying to bring new ideas in PF to say: ‘when I was in UPND, these are the wrong things I saw you do and I have come to help you correct them.’ But he goes there and starts fighting HH instead of fighting poverty and the many wrong things happening in this country, he goes there to start fighting an individual! We want to tell him that the country now looks up to HH and nothing will divert the attention of the people from looking up to HH to come and serve this country to make a better Zambia,” said Mwaliteta.