Patriotic Front rival camps on Monday evening clashed and exchanged punches in Bwana Mkubwa constituency of Ndola after youths supporting area member of parliament Jonas Chanda found those supporting a businessman and would be parliamentary contender distributing mealie meal to some women groups.

Bwana Mkubwa PF member of parliament Dr Chanda’s supporters pounced on a group which is loyal to Ndola businessman Warren Mwambazi upon hearing that they were donating mealie meal to residents in a view to win their support.

The PF lawmaker told News Diggers that the businessman and his supporters had not right to conduct such ‘campaign’ operations in his area without his approval.

Upon hearing that a group of PF youths were distributing mealie-meal to some women, Dr Chanda’s professional assistant only identified as Steve, organised some youths to launch an attack.

Steve, in the company of other PF youths, grabbed the mealie-meal and started beating Mwambazi’s cadres.

A cadre identified as Justin Mulenga, who was part of the group distributing mealie-meal, was injured in the fracas and reported the matter to Ndola Central Police.

And a PF ward secretary in Bwana Mkubwa constituency, Linese Shindani, complained over the conduct of Chanda’s cadres.

“There is no one who helps us here. Look these are vulnerable women! These are widows that don’t have any help. Now why should they beat these women and the people distributing mealie-meal? This is not good,” complained Shindani.

And when contacted for a comment, Mwambazi expressed shock at the incident.

“You see, I was not there. I do business in Ndola and people came to me to ask for help. I thought in my little business, I can help these women. We are all PF members. It is very unfortunate and if you look at the party, we are preaching peace, now why attack each other? The party PF has a program in which we help the needy,” Mwambazi said.

“This is not the first time we have done this in Kavi and other wards. We are not doing it in hiding or at night. We are contacting the councillors. Councillors will come with the list and ask for help, and we help. We are in the same party. Our councillors are doing a list. This exercise is not selective, we are giving PF, UPND and any members of the community who need help. We will not stop this noble cause to help the needy, the vulnerable and widows. We are not campaigning. Why are people scared?”

But Dr Chanda questioned the motive behind the donation.

“I will not tolerate anyone who wants to undermine me. There are laws in this country. If he has not informed me as area MP, then it is illegal what he is doing. He is not even a businessman. He wants to stand as MP,” said Dr Chanda.