Renowned PF cadre Julius Komaki says there is no way he is going to present himself before the provincial disciplinary committee headed by Paul Moonga when the same executive has denied him as their member.

On Tuesday, the PF Lusaka Provincial executive wrote summon letters to both Komaki and Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) asking them to exculpate themselves and show cause why they should not be expelled from the party.

“You being an ordinary member of the party, we find it fit as the provincial committee to write to you concerning your conduct or behaviour in the party recently. Currently you have attempted to undermine the presidential powers of appointing or revoking the appointment of any one individual in the party. Your thuggery behaviour of parading yourself in front of Prime TV camera and challenge the president by calling for the removal of the secretary general who the president appointed cannot go unchallenged. According to the Patriotic Front Disciplinary Code of Conduct, under offences and acts of misconducts against the party, you have committed offences number (b) and we quote ‘breach of rules of the party,’ (c) ‘acting in a manner that is likely to bring the name of the party into public ridicule, contempt or disrepute’ and (i) ‘acting disrespectfully towards the party or any of its officials,” the committee stated in the letter.

“You have continued on this path with wanton disregard to the decorum of the office of the president of the Patriotic Front who is also the Republican President and also the office of the secretary general. Your action amounts to gross indiscipline and insubordination, therefore you have been given seven days to exculpate yourself. Further you are requested to appear before the Lusaka Provincial disciplinary committee on Wednesday 8th May, 2019 [at the] National Program for Poverty Reduction (NPPR) at 10:00 hours and show cause why the disciplinary committee should not recommend for your expulsion from the party.

But in an interview, Wednesday, Komaki explained that he had so far not been served with the summons and that even if he was, he would not exculpate himself to Moonga’s executive.

“First of all, to exculpate myself of what? Because at first, they denied me that I am not their member. Secondly, they said I am a nonentity and that they don’t know me. Now, which structure am I going to succumb to? Where am I going to present myself? How can you say: ‘I stop masquerading as a member’ when I haven’t been expelled from the party? It is because of the poor administrations because they are not guided by the party constitution. That is why there are a lot of those calls. If the letter is dated 3rd May and today is 8th and I have not yet been served with it, and [now] they want to serve it just because the President has gone out of the country, that is when they want to start paying those people to attack me,” Komaki said.

“I cannot appear before Mr Paul Moonga because I am not the provincial chairman; I am not a provincial executive. So, how can I appeal before Mr Paul Moonga? He doesn’t read the constitution! And Mr Paul Moonga cannot question my loyalty to the party because I have been a member of the party since inception. Us we are not prodigal children. In fact, it is Mr Paul Moonga who is a prodigal son, and we welcomed him after he came back from UPND. So, since he was appointed by Mr Mwila, whom we are calling for his removal, it doesn’t mean we are undermining the President. The President has got mammoth support from the general public for the stance, which he has taken to roll out infrastructure development across the country. But at the party level, we are performing under par because of the poor leadership of Honourable Davies Mwila,” he explained.

Komaki charged that Moonga was acting in an aggressive manner towards him because he was enjoying Mwila’s company of luxury living.

“If Mr Mwila can go back to Chipili and reconcile with the Chipili people who rejected him! Now, he failed to organise one single constituency, how is he going to manage to organise all 150 constituencies? Then, he has no capacity. He has failed lamentably! And I am not ashamed to say Mr Mwila has failed. It’s not the President who has failed; it is Mwila who has failed! He is the one who is slapping the President in the face! The President had hope in him to deliver but he has failed,” Komaki said.

“Look at what happened in Eastern Province and this is just a tip of an iceberg of what is happening. And here in Lusaka, we just have the interim, which Mr Moonga is sitting on. Mr Moonga, we know you went with the SG to South Africa. Just enjoy the ride!”

Komaki claimed he resigned from Zesco and was not fired.

“And you cannot start saying that I lost the job. Lost the job to whom? Who has fired me? Tell them it’s me who has resigned because they wanted to put me at a sensitive position, but I knew that I am a politician and they would implicate me in future to say: ‘Komaki has stolen.’ That is why I resigned. I was never fired. And this time around, you are not going to have it easy because I am more careful than ever. So, you cannot intimidate me,” said Komaki

“Our calls for Mwila’s resignation are still solidly valid and no amount of pressure will cower us down as we are pursuing a great redemption cause for the Patriotic Front to have all its membership and leadership motivated equally as we get to 2021 so as to secure a landslide victory and bring more developments to the Zambian people. I, therefore, appeal to all our youths to be peaceful and calm as we prepare for the processional march as scheduled.”