2021 tatulefwaya ifyabupuba nefya buwelewele (we don’t want nonsense in 2021), UPND president Hakainde Hichilema told hundreds of supporters in Ndola’s Misundu area on Saturday.

And Hichilema has demanded the immediate reopening of the Copperbelt University.

Meanwhile, Hichilema says in Zambia today, it is either you are with PF and its corruption, or you support UPND which is a “progressive party”.

Speaking when he adressed hundreds of supporters in the outskirts of Ndola in Misundu area Saturday evening, Hichilema said UPND wanted to win big in 2021.

“I can smell elections very near. 2021 tatulefwaya ifyabupuba, nefya buwelewele. Let us prepare. Get prepared and protect the vote. Go and vote in numbers. It is you to protect your vote. We can smell the elections in the air. I can smell the elections because the people are upset with high mealie-meal prices,” Hichilema said.

“Go out and form structures so that we win big in 2021.”

And Hichilema demanded the reopening of CBU.

“PF naionaula icalo, naionaula abana. CBU, more than one month closed. PF, if you don’t like Education, we in the UPND think Education is an investment, can you reopen CBU!” Hichilema demanded.

Meanwhile, Hichilema said in Zambia today, it is either you are with PF and its corruption, or you support UPND which is a “progressive party”.

“There’s just two sides. One side has PF and it’s corruption, all the wrong things then the only other group that we have is the UPND. So on this side, ifyabola (the rotten side) PF and on the other side, ifituntulu (progressive) UPND. There’s no middle ground. Takuli ati ine ndi pakati, Aweh, either uli uku kuli ifyabupuba or ku UPND kuli fituntulu (there’s nothing like ‘I am in the middle, no. It is either you are on the rotten side or you are on the progressive UPND side),” he said.

He said he had never seen Zambians suffering as much as they were since independence.

“Takuli ifisuma (There’s nothing good). I have never seen Zambians suffering like this since independence. Mealie meal has become so expensive. We must reach a point where we can say ‘this thing is wrong, this thing is correct’. Today, we must all agree that PF has destroyed our country, PF is a wrong party, they must go! We are tired of them. Everywhere you look, there’s debt, corruption has reached its peak. They keep lying to you that if you vote for HH, he will sell the country. How can I sell the country? Is it my country? It is your county. They are full of lies, we’re tired of them,” he said.

“They keep talking about tribe, but it is God who created a Bemba, it is God who created a Namwanga and a Kaonde, he created all of us. They lie for breakfast, lunch and supper.”

Meanwhile, Hichilema said he did not need a passport to visit the Copperbelt.

“Let us start work now because we will never be given any chance to meet the people. But as a people, we need to reach a point where we say that is wrong. PF and its sarogates won’t give us any chance to meet. I don’t need a passport to come to Ndola or any part of the Copperbelt. I am a free citizen. I will come at anytime I want. This is my village,” said Hichilema.

“Ba Ndola, thank you! We now know what the people of Ndola are going through. We have now found a new strategy. We will go to the wards and branches to meet the people. We want to hear what the wards and branches are saying.”

Earlier, Copperbelt UPND Chairman Elisha Matambo said there would be serious screening of members that would attend the convention.

“Let me make it clear here. Someone is busy saying that he will dismantle UPND, which UPND? Is he God? Some people should for once be serious. We will screen all those coming for the convention. All those that will attend the convention should look like Hakainde,” said Matambo.