Renowned Patriotic Front (PF) cadre Julius Komaki says Lusaka Province party chairperson Paul Moonga and his executive should read the party constitution before exposing his ineptitude and inadequacies in his administration.

And Komaki says he will go ahead to present a petition against party Secretary General Davies Mwila on Thursday May 16 despite being threatened by expulsion.

Komaki said this in a letter dated May 9, 2019 addressed to Moonga and his interim secretary Kennedy Kamba, and copied to PF national chairperson Samuel Mukupa, Mwila and his deputy Mumbi Phiri.

Komaki charged that Moonga as an interim provincial chairman had very limited mandate of administering the provincial office.

“I am well vest with the Patriotic Front Constitution and guided by the same in all manner of action patronage and behavior. You are an interim executive with specific defined roles of administering the office of Lusaka Province only in an interim capacity with very limited mandate. In the subject matter of your missive, you cite my Expulsion before even giving me a hearing by a rightful assembled board of disciplinary panel. Your letter is not specific to any breach of the constitution and neither does it provide an approved disciplinary code of conduct for reference or minutes thereof. You have manufactured charges that are not provided for in the Patriotic Front Constitution,” Komaki argued.

“The Patriotic front Constitution is rich with rules and I am directing you to further read Article 13 part (e) that provides that a member has a right to; To attend in person Party meetings that discuss and make decisions on his activities and work, and to defend himself before appropriate party organs on charges levelled against him and to appeal to a higher organ if he is not satisfied with a decision or judgment given; This above is premised on the letter of expulsion served on me through 3rd Party and social media, a decision to expel me that process of the Patriotic Front Constitution is not followed.”

Meanwhile Komaki stated that he would go ahead with presenting his petition on Thursday.

“In calling for the resignation of the Secretary Mr Davis Mwila, I am relying on my rights as a member in particular Article 14 1(a) that states that any member can eject members in leadership organs of the Party for which there is no specific platform provided in the constitution thereof. In all fairness and in earnest, the call for Mr Davis Mwila to vacate the office of the Secretary General is a summation and a follow-up to the pledge he made public himself that should we the Patriotic Front lose the Roan Constituency Bye Election, he would resign. This was done on public media and I see no wrong in a usual but firm follow-up. I have a petition to support the call for Mr Davis Mwila to vacate the Office of the Patriotic Front Secretary General for the attention of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia and the Patriotic Front which I intend to present by a Peaceful Procession on Thursday 16 May 2019 at 12:00 following notification to the Zambia Police,” stated Komaki.