NDC president Chishimba Kambwili has condemned the move by government to teach Chinese in secondary schools, and has further objected to the move by the NDF to reintroduce deputy minister.

Meanwhile, Kambwili yesterday wondered where God picked President Edgar Lungu from to come and cause misery on the people of Zambia, further saying the Head of State had failed to govern and must go back to his ‘village’ in Jack Compound.

On Sunday, Police tried to stop UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema from attending mass in Ndola, insisting that he needed a permit to do so.

But speaking to journalists at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court yesterday after his forgery and uttering false documents case was adjourned to May 27, Kambwili wondered why someone needed permission to go to church.

He charged that soon, police would be demanding a police permit for anyone going to the toilet.

“How can you get permission to go to church? Very soon they will say ‘to go to the toilet, you have to get a police permit’,” Kambwili said.

He further wondered why government wanted to create jobs for Chinese nationals by introducing their language in secondary schools when some local teachers were not in employment.

Kambwili added that Chinese nationals were so many in their country and that’s why they wanted other countries to create employment for them.

“When you fail to run a country, the best you can do is to resign. We have so many problems in this country. Of all the problems that we have, of expensive mealie meal, people cannot afford to have three course meal, all you think of is to go and introduce Chinese in schools. Then you can know that you have no leadership. Do you know what it implies to bring Chinese? Chinese are so many in China that some of them sleep in manholes. So they want where to rush. They want other countries to create employment. Instead of us creating employment for our own people by introducing Lozi on the Copperbelt so that some Lozi’s can come and teach people on the Copperbelt Lozi, you want to create employment for Chinese,” Kambwili said.

“Kwena nangu President tawakwata amano, fimo fyena muleibwelamo, fyabupuba! (Even if you don’t have common sense, some things you should feel ashamed). Obviously the teachers who are going to be employed to teach Chinese, are Chinese when your own teachers have no jobs. Children complete school five years, they are not employed, you want to bring Chinese to come and teach Chinese, mwefilwani mwee! (you evil people).”

Meanwhile, Kambwili questioned why government wanted to bring back deputy ministers when it was failing to pay it’s workers on time.

He wondered where God picked the President from, charging that if the Head of State had failed to govern, he should go back to his ‘village’.

“You are failing to pay teachers on time, failing to pay council workers, national housing, RDA, RTSA, salaries for grant aided institutions, University of Zambia, you want to go and bring deputy ministers, for what? This government has run for three years without deputy ministers and no body has complained that government is not running. Bushe we Lesa Lungu wamufumishe kwi? (God where did you pick Lungu from?) We Lesa wesu wewikala kumulu, Lungu wamufumishe kwi? (Our God who lives in Heaven, where did you get this Lungu from?) Ba Lungu amano nganayapwa, the best you can do is go back to your village, which is kulya kwa Jack. Go and rest and leave the country to people who are thinking,” Kambwili charged.

“Today, the Copperbelt is threatened with loss of employment [and] all you can think of doing is to bring back deputy ministers? You were aware of the problems at KCM, until I went to Chingola, addressed the press, now you are running like rats. Tamwaishibe ati there were these problems until I went and spoke about it? Anyways thats why I say ‘when I run, when I talk, Lungu alatulumuka’. But all I can tell you is that go and sort out the problems of miners on the Copperbelt, not this issue of bringing deputy ministers and the Chinese to come and do wanye nyo nyu nye.”