Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) director general Josephine Mapoma has ordered all radio and television stations in the country to submit recordings of all discussion programmes, talk shows, news bulletins and musical programmes to the authority every after two weeks.

In a statement, Mapoma stated that the move was necessitated by the authority’s desire to monitor activities as it was not present the districts where broadcasting stations exist.

She stated that other contents such as movies and soap operas among other airings would be requested for when need arise.

“The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has issued a new directive for all radio and television stations in the country to submit broadcast recordings to the Authority every after two weeks. The public may wish to know that one of the functions of the Authority is to enforce the compliance of broadcasting with the conditions of the licences issued under the Act. In this regard, the Authority has inspectors that over the years have relied on post monitoring of stations, owing to the fact that the Authority is not present in all the districts where broadcasting stations exist. Therefore, to ease the monitoring, the Authority now requires stations to submit recordings every two weeks. This directive is with effect from 15th May, 2019,” stated Mapoma.

“The recordings to be submitted shall consist of: (i) All discussion programmes, including paid for programmes (where applicable); (ii) All talk shows (where applicable); (iii) All news bulletins and news analysis (where applicable); and (iv) All musical programmes. Other types of content such as movies and dramas among others shall be requested for on the need basis,” stated Mapoma.

And Mapoma has asked all radio and television stations to further submit their editorial polices to the Authority if they have not yet done so.