Police have arrested a 32 year old man of Mazabuka’s Airstrip compound in connection with murder.

The suspect identified as Bargner Siamayuma allegedly stabbed to death a 42 year old man only identified as Michelo during a drinking spree on Tuesday around 10:00 hours.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo revealed in a statement that the suspect had asked the victim to buy him a round of Kachasu (locally made distilled alcohol) but the victim did not have the money to do so.

She stated that the misunderstanding prompted the suspect to stab the victim on the neck.

“The victim Hartman Micheelo was drinking alcohol with the accused person Bargner Siamayuwa at Airstrip Compound and the suspect asked the victim to also buy (a round of) beer, but Michelo did not have money to do so. This brought a misunderstanding between the two, prompting Siamayuma to produce a knife and stab Michelo in the neck and he died instantly,” Katongo narrated in a statement.

Katongo further stated that the development irritated members of the public who apprehended the suspect, beat him up and nearly set him ablaze.

“The suspect was apprehended by irate members of the public who beat him up and nearly set him ablaze but was only rescued by Police who rushed to the scene. The body of the deceased has been deposited in the mortuary at Mazabuka General Hospital and the accused person is detained in Police custody and will appear in Court soon,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Katongo stated that police in Chinsali were looking for suspects behind the death of a 76 year- old man identified as Bernard Kanekwa of Kawama village , Chief Mpumba whose body was found in his field.

“This occurred on 20th May, 2019 at 15 00 hours at Kawama Village in Chief Mpumba. The deceased was suspected to be a wizard after one of his relatives died in October, 2018 and was later beaten and chased from the village by the suspects whose names we have withheld. The body is in Chilonga Mission Hospital mortuary in Mpika awaiting post mortem. Investigations have continued,” further stated Katongo.

And Katongo added that police in Chinsali were also looking for suspects behind the shooting of a man identified as Jonas Kapinda aged 74 of Nankalamu Village of Chief Nkweto which occurred on Sunday around 20 00 hours.

She stated that the victim sustained gunshot wounds and was admitted to Chinsali District Hospital.