UPND national women chairperson Namakau Kabwiku says lack of a national land policy has led to illegal land allocation and corruption.

And Kabwiku says once in government, UPND will come up with a land policy that will allow women to own land easily.

In a statement, Monday, Kabwiku said there was no political will on coming up with the national land policy as the ruling party was only interested in policies that would make them continue being in power and becoming richer.

“As UPND we demand that the Patriotic Front gives us a National land policy to shape the legal framework and allow for a transparent, effective and efficient administration of land in the country. Lack of a policy has contributed to the illegal land allocation and corruption in those with a mandate to allocate land,” Kabwiku said.

“It is sad that there is no political will in the PF to produce the land policy despite its great importance to people’s lives and the nation at large. It is evident that the PF have nothing to do with policies that will improve people’s lives but have everything to do with policies which will make them rich and remain in power. As UPND we aware that lack of a land policy has contributed to the grabbing of land by cadres, illegal allocation of plots and corruption in the administration of land. The illegal allocation of lands leaves us with no option but to demand that the Patriotic Front immediately carry out land audit and inform the nation how much land is owned by Zambians under the following categories namely youths, women, people living with disabilities and land owned by foreigners.”

Kabwiku said UPND would prevent indiscriminate allocation of land.

“It is a fact that there is illegal land allocation and as citizens we demand to know how much customary and state land we have following the conversion of customary land into statutory land. If this is not checked it will take away the national identity because once converted to statutory land it cannot be converted back to customary land. As UPND we shall not allow a system which will take away land from traditional leaders. Instead, we will improve land laws and provide citizens with documents of ownership in order to preserve National identity,” Kabwiku said.

“The UPND will build capacity on land Management to prevent the indiscriminate allocation of huge tracts of land to foreigners by traditional leaders. Whilst investment is needed for economic development, it should be done in a prudent manner which will not displace or disadvantage the owners of the land as is the case today under Edgar Lungu. UPND in government will also ensure that there is security of tenure, clear boundaries and customary land laws to avoid conflicts.”

And Kabwiku said the UPND would come up with a land policy that would make it easier for women to access land.

“UPND in government shall develop a land policy with a gender lens so that women have equal access to land and will include engagement and sensitisation of traditional leaders on a human-rights based approach. As UPND we shall ensure that Zambia has a gender sensitive and youth friendly land sector policy which is inclusive of persons living with disabilities and other socially marginalised groups,” said Kabwiku.