Southern Province UPND deputy spokesperson Neto Halwabala says the upholding of Romeo Kang’ombe’s election as Sesheke member of parliament by the Lusaka High Court is a lesson to the PF that the bad laws they have come up with will continue working against them.

In a statement, Wednesday, Halwabala said the party was elated by the outcome of the petition.

“As United Party for National Development (UPND) in Southern Province we have joined our colleagues in Sesheke to again celebrate the Parliamentary landslide victory of the party through Honourable Romeo Kang’ombe in the recent by-election. This follows Tuesday’s judgement by Lusaka High Court judge Getrude Chawatama to throw out election petition of the losing Patriotic Front candidate Dean Masule and declared Honourable Kang’ombe a duly elected Sesheke Member of Parliament,” Halwabala said.

“This is a political lesson for the Patriotic Front. Those who dig holes for others to fall shall instead fall in themselves. The Patriotic Front has created bad judicial precedence which will haunt them for the rest of their political life. Today PF is creating bad laws to shield their political crimes they are committing against our citizens. But the same bad laws will work against them when they leave power.”

Halwabala warned that the bad laws which the PF were formulating would come back to haunt them in future.

“Political authority is not permanent and those who think they will remain in authority to manipulate the law must know that time to taste their own bad laws will definitely come. Time for them to pay a price of their manipulative nature is coming soon. We are therefore, happy with the Lusaka High Court Judge Getrude Chawatama to have respected the judicial precedence set by the constitutional court created by Edgar Lungu. And to have concluded the Parliamentary election petition within the legally stipulated time frame of within 90 days,” said Halwabala.