Any mosquito that comes to Kabushi constituency to discredit President Edgar Chagwa Lungu will be crashed, says Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo.

Lusambo, who is Kabushi PF member of parliament, has also donated 4,000 25kg bags of breakfast mealie-meal to old women in his constituency.

Lusambo also distributed 4,000 5 Litre Containers of Cooking Oil, 6,000 boxes of boom detergent paste, drinks, biscuits among other things.

Lusambo gathered the more than 3,000 elderly men and women at Musa Kasonka Stadium in Ndola Saturday afternoon.

Later, Lusambo distributed 1,000 Pockets of cement to different schools with ongoing construction works in his constituency and donated 60 brand new computers.

“The people of Kabushi will never walk alone. There are people that don’t see what Edgar Lungu sees. It is not that they are blind, but because they have decided not to see what President Edgar Lungu is doing. We have seen tuma small parties coming here in Kabushi, but we just ignore them because we know the strength we have. If we react, they can’t even come out of Kabushi. But if they come to play, let them come here and tell them what you will do. If they insult Edgar Lungu, then be prepared to face us,” said Lusambo as he donated the goods worth over a million Kwacha.

“If you come to Kabushi with a topic of Edgar Lungu, then Teti tuku leke (We can’t leave you alone). Kabushi is a barrack of Edgar Chagwa Lungu. When they come listen to them because even fools, mad people also speak. We have heard some flies, mosquitos but we have doom here in Kabushi. We will spray doom on the mosquitos moving about. You just eat nshima with kapenta and you come and say you want to be MP in Kabushi, my friend take your time. So these mosquitos that are coming, let them just make that mosquito noise. Just tell them that bulldozer is bulldozer. So forget about ba mosquito.”

But Lusambo’s followers have questioned the source of his wealth.

The following were some of the comments on Lusambo’s Facebook post:

“Lifestyle audit and Donation audit. Where did you get so much money to distribute? Who gave you the money? Is the money from well-wishers? If so, which well-wishers? How much money have you spent on this donation. Zambians have an idea of how much you were worth before 2016. Where has this wealth suddenly come from? But questions must be asked. Mwa fumya kwisa ici cuma?” -Elias Munshya

“Well done Hon Lusambo, however l must point out that you should also declare were you are getting such amount of money you are dishing out. Accountability is very important in life for you to maintain your integrity,” – Bashi Chabota Jay Kalikenka

“You and your president create poverty and start ditching out handouts with the hope of getting votes. You have made mealie meal so expensive and you come to mock people with handouts whose source is suspicious… shame!!!!” – Chanda Shadreck Nkonde

“Good works stop questioning where the money came from blessed is the hand that giveth than the one receiving,” – Hon Eledy Mwanza

“That’s great gesture, but if I ask, between 2011 to 2016 what kind of donations did you make?? I think it will do justice to carry out a lifestyle audit on you and your fellow ministers. The donations you make leave a suspicious tone,” – Harry Muzandu