Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) says he is not aware that he has been expelled from the Patriotic Front because the party has not served him with an expulsion letter.

And expelled PF cadre Julius Komaki says he is still a member of the ruling party and insists that PF Secretary General Davies Mwila is incompetent.

At a media briefing yesterday, Mwila announced that the Central Committee resolved to expel Fube and Komaki from the party for gross indiscipline and for attempting to cause disunity among members.

Mwila also warned PF cadres Munir Zulu and Chanoda Ngwira to stop insulting the top leadership of the party or face the same fate.

“Central Committee received reports and recommendations for the expulsion of Mr Julius Komaki and Mr Kelvin Fube Bwalya. Central Committee unanimously resolved to expel from the Party with immediate effect the duo for gross indiscipline and uttering statements aimed at creating disunity and confusion in the Party. Let me mention here that the duo essentially expelled themselves when they started pushing for disunity and anarchy in the Party because there is no progressive political movement that allows laws of the jungle to take centre stage,” Mwila said.

Mwila ordered that the duo must with immediate effect be removed from all PF associated social media platforms.

“This must serve as a warning to members of the party that in asserting your freedoms as a member, do not drag the party’s name into disrepute. We shall enforce discipline in the Party and there shall be no sacred cows. The two colleagues must therefore be removed from all platforms associated with the Patriotic Front with immediate effect,” Mwila said.

Mwila warned Zulu and Ngwira that insulting the top leadership of the party would land them in the same fate.

“From Now you tell Munir, you tell Chanoda that time is coming for them. We are not going to allow anyone who is going to bring disunity in the party [and] insulting the top leadership. Action will be taken,” he warned.

But when contacted for a reaction after Mwila’s briefing, Fube, who had earlier told this reporter that he did not respond to social media, said he would not respond to the decision until he was served with an official expulsion letter.

“I have no letter of expulsion madam. Do you want me to be talking to you about the same thing? Did you ask Mr Mwila whether he has given me a letter? So why are you coming to me before you ask him? I want a letter [because] these things are done officially. Just go and ask him. I don’t know anything and I have no comment,” said Fube, whose expulsion is a result of his declaration that he would challenge President Lungu at the general convention.

And Komaki said he was still a PF member, insisting that Mwila was incompetent.

“When you say that the SG is incompetent and has failed to organize the party, does it tantamount to gross indiscipline? He hasn’t answered to the allegations which we leveled against him for the divisions that he has brought in the party. And let me stress this point clearly [that] we are not going to be intimidated by Mr Mwila’s stance. We know the motive Mwila has. Mwila is a reject. He is the one who was rejected at Chipili even in his ward where his mother stays, they refused him. They gave him a vote of no confidence. So why has he run away to Lusaka and hide here and start intimidating people who were working for Edgar Chagwa Lungu? When the party has now become attractive such that even those members who had left have started coming back that is when they want to start fighting us the genuine PF members. We are not going to accept that,” said Komaki.

“And I am still a member of the Patriotic Front. The way I joined the party voluntarily is the way I am going to leave the party voluntarily. But as things stand, I will remain a sympathizer of the president and the sympathizer of the Patriotic Front.”

He said he had a dossier on Mwila which he’d soon make public.

“And we have got a big dossier for Mwila and we are going to expose him more and more. So even if its the decision of the Central Committee we are going to question it and we are going to appeal to the same Central Committee. When Mwila failed in Chipili, where did he appeal? The route which Mwila has followed is the same route which Wynter Kabimba followed and we are telling him to he is not going to have it easy. So we are going to make a dossier about the petition public to you people so that the public can know about my indiscipline. Very soon I will make it public so that if maybe Mr Mwila himself was drunk in the Central Committee and never studied that document, the public will be sober enough to read it,” said Komaki.