Renowned Patriotic Front cadre Munir Zulu says party secretary general Davies Mwila;s threats on him are a sign that he is insecure from anyone who has an independent mind.

On Monday, Mwila warned Zulu and Chanoda Ngwira that they were next in line to be expelled from PF for disrespecting the party’s top leadership.

“From now, you tell Munir [Zulu], you tell Chanoda [Ngwira] that time is coming for them! We are not going to allow anyone who is going to bring disunity in the party [and] insulting the top leadership. Action will be taken,” Mwila warned after announcing KBF and Julius Komaki’s expulsion.

But in an interview, Zulu said Mwila had closed the doors of the PF Secretariat to members who were not in the structures, and that he wanted people to be seeing him by going through some Chinese nationals.

“The likes of Sunday Chanda (PF media director) are not doing a service to the party; they are a disservice to the party. They are creating too many lies and then put the blame on some of us. I have sent the SG a text message after hearing that because I don’t know what wrong I did for them to issue that warning. So, for me, it is just an issue of them being insecure with anyone who has an independent mind because I have condemned the issue of people wanting to see the SG by going through the Chinese. Why should I, as a Zambian and a PF member, go through a Chinese national to see my SG? Let them point out at what wrong things I have done or which person I have insulted. This is not a time to start imagining fights; it is time to bring everyone on board and see how we are going to improve the economy,” Zulu said.

He said Mwila should not play “chimbuya” with him because he belonged to a different age group.

“The last time I checked, I didn’t insult and so I don’t know how. Is telling people that ‘I am not going to see you through your Chinese connection a crime?’ It is easier for you to see him (secretary general) if you go through the Chinese, and I have refused to do that! And then he issues a warning to me, for what? They have closed the Secretariat to those that are not in structures and so how do they expect us to communicate with them? I don’t believe that the SG can play chimbuya (tribal cousinship) with me, we are not in the same age group because I believe that I belong to the generation that is preparing to take over and my time is coming, but if they expect me to go and bootlick Sunday, since Sunday is the one taking lies from our WhatsApp groups to his boss, it won’t happen. Sunday prefers to associate with people that will call him ‘boss,’ but I can’t do that,” he said.

Zulu said that he was in PF to stay because his loyalty was with President Lungu.

“I will not leave the party, and Sunday was just appointed, and the SG was equally appointed. My loyalty is to the President and the party. I am not going to be dramatic about it that I have been warned because I don’t know what I did. What they should have done if I were in their shoes, was to call for all those groups that are complaining and find out what is the problem? What remedies can we provide? That is how you handle issues. And they are saying ‘go,’ go where? I am PF and I am not leaving PF! If KBF has gone, Komaki has gone, myself, I am not going anywhere!” he insisted.

And reacting to the party’s directive that all PF related WhatsApp groups needed to be registered with the party Secretariat, Zulu observed that some Cabinet Ministers were willing members of the so-called illegal WhatsApp groups.

“I am in a couple of WhatsApp groups, but I am not the admin. But you cannot tell me that people are so ignorant that they don’t know that they have been added to a WhatsApp group? That’s not true because we have seen Cabinet Ministers that have been posting greetings, posting social greetings in WhatsApp groups and how can they not know that they are in a group? Are you telling me that they do not know how to exit the group? I think ignorance shouldn’t be a defence there, people don’t just want to be told the truth, which is dangerous,” said Zulu.