Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says government cannot rule Zambia properly without the involvement of all the chiefs and traditional leaders across the country.

Kasolo said this in Kasama when he delivered a message of goodwill from President Edgar Lungu to senior chief Makasa of the Bamba people, who celebrated his 90th birthday last Friday.

The Permanent Secretary noted that it was easy for government to deliver development to chiefdoms where chiefs work in harmony with various government officials and departments, particularly on identifying and implementing development potential.

“For instance, the District Commissioner for Mungwi has over the years worked exceedingly well with His Royal Highness senior chief Makasa, and as government, we wish to applaud such relationships where chiefs work closely with government officials, it is very easy to bring development. Yes, we may have problems as a country and such will only be solved by Zambians. We cannot always expect to look to the external forces to solve our problems; they can help, but we, as Zambians, and our elders such as the royal highness here, must always take responsibility,” Kasolo observed.

And senior chief Makasa’s eldest son, Dr Bwalya Ng’andu, who is also Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor for Operations, extolled his father as a parent every child could ask for.

Dr Ng’andu said not only the Bembaland counts itself lucky to have a wise traditional leader in senior chief Makasa, but that all his children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and the entire family counted blessings for God had given long life the royal Highness.

“We thank you, your royal highness senior chief Makasa and our mother, for blessing us and raising us all of us into the responsible grown-up children. It’s nothing else but belief in God that one lives a long life as our father has,” Dr Ng’andu said.

Meanwhile, speaking earlier during church service held at Kasama’s St. Anne’s Parish to celebrate the senior chief’s birthday, Paramount Chief Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu said the long life of the traditional leader signified that he led a careful and religious life.

Chief Chitimukulu said that he received a lot of counsel from senior chief Makasa, which had continued to help him being a good leader.

“My uncle told me that those who purport that when one become a chief, they became witches or wizards, hence only the non-believers were suited to become chiefs were wrong because traditional leaders needed to be educated and believers in God,” said Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Catholic Priest Father Lawrence Tukamushaba, who presided over the mass, urged the youths to check their lifestyle habits if they were to live longer like senior chief Makasa.

Fr. Tukamushaba expressed concern at the conduct of most young people who engaged in a lot of life-threatening activities, risking their lives and making it difficult for many to live longer like the senior chief.

Senior chief Makasa served in his role for 33 years.

Hundreds of people from different parts of Zambia were in Kasama to celebrate the chief’s long life.

Among several prominent persons, who honoured the senior chief included former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM), Major Richard Kachingwe, Kasama District Commissioner Kelly Kashiwa, late president Michael Sata’s relatives led by his senior nephew Katema Mutale.

A huge reception at Kasama’s Nelly Lodge took place soon after where Bembas and other invited guests gathered to celebrate the chief’s long life.

– Courtesy of SUMA SYSTEMS.