Roan General Hospital management has rejected a donation of 34 brand new laptops from People’s Alliance for Change Roan losing candidate Mwansa Chama.

Chama had written to Roan General Hospital seeking permission to make a donation of 34 brand new laptops as a contribution, “politics aside”.

“In recent past, people have died on the queue at Roan hospital just because of a malfunctioning computer which a medical staff couldn’t access to review a patients data in real time and proceed with treatment. That is my belief that a hospital without good equipment is as good as a devils passageway”.

“Therefore I am appealing to the Copperbelt Permanent Secretary to allow the Management at Roan General Hospital with considerable latitude to accept this donation. This is not about politics or political mileage but the social welfare of my suffering people in Roan,” Chama said.

But Roan Antelope General Hoapital medical superintendent Dr Nauluta Seneadza said the institution does not receive donations without authorisation from the Copperbelt Permanent Secretary.

“I write in response to your letter dated 19th June 2019 regarding the subject matter. I wish to advise that our institution is a government run facility therefore, all stakeholders wishing to donate anything to us should seek authority from the Copperbelt Permanent Secretary,” Dr Seneadza said.