MMD faction leader Felix Mutati says the church must not relevant in giving counsel to politicians whenever they go astray.

Speaking when he attended a Church Service at St Luke Congregation in Kasama, Sunday, Mutati said the church also had the right to counsel government officials on issues of the economy.

“I came here to mourn our Chief Senior Mwamba and I thought it wise that I should come and congregate with you. As the Church, I want to ask you not to relent in giving advise to us as politicians. We sometimes do things which are not correct and so, it is your duty as a Church to call us and counsel us. When you see the economy is not not going well in the Country, call us and tel us that ‘guys, things are not okay ,what are we going to do to make things right?’ We the politicians are under the Church and we should not do away with the Church,” said Mutati.

And Bishop Jonathan Sinkala warned that God would punish all unfaithful politicians.

“I want to tell you that you should be content and be faithful in your doings. You politicians do what God has called you to do. Be content and work faithfully in ensuring that God’s people should be happy. God will bless you if are faithful before Him but if you are not faithful, I can assure you that God will punsh you. If you are a driver, work faithfully. If you are married, be content with your spouses,” said Bishop Sinkala in a sermon.