Archdiocese of Kasama Archbishop Ignatius Chama has advised politicians to show love for one another in order to prevent violence in the 2021 elections.

Delivering a sermon during a funeral Church Service for Senior Mwamba of the Bemba speaking people in Kasama, Northern Province, Saturday, Archbishop Chama said politicians to set a good example for the youth.

“As politicians, you should learn to embrace yourselves and love each other if peace and unity is to continue prevailing in this nation. I like what I am seeing today. Mr Mutati who invited you to this funeral? I was going to be even happier if the chairman for PF had called you to this funeral. I would have been happier because I would have seen that you do call each other for prayers without segregating
based on party lines. I am telling you people of God if we see what we have seen today were leaders from different political parties can sit together in this fashion even as we go towards 2021 we will not be
fighting,” Archbishop Chama said.

“Youths who are your followers will only stop fighting and killing each other if they see that you love each other. If we see you joking among yourselves, why would we engage in political violence? Continue with the spirit I have seen today and God will protect our country and peace will prevail among us but if what I talked about is repeated we will not have peace in our country.”

Archbishop Chama said no one needed an invitation to attend church.

“Why should people who have come for prayers be asking questions about their friends? Who has called him here? Who has called him here? A fight almost broke out during prayers in Chilubi where a politician
went to pray and he was asked all sort of questions. I felt very bad. I asked myself how we have reached these levels? What more in 2021 when they stand for elections. No one should be stopped from attending
prayers. Anyone is invited to the house of the Lord. Of course, if it is a political rally you are supposed to stay away unless you are invited. During rallies everyone will attend their rallies but not
prayers, all are invited for prayers,” said Archbishop Chama.

Meanwhile, MMD faction leader Felix Mutati described late Senior Chief Mwamba as a humble traditional leader who always wanted to bring peace in his Chiefdom.

“On a number of occasions, I interacted with him and he was very focused with things he wanted to do in his chiefdom but obviously his life was cut short. If there is something he said the last time I
visited him here, was that you politicians must behave yourselves as one unifying voice and I think as politicians, we haven’t lived up to his legacy. So for me, I take the words of the Bishop as the beginning of the journey. He was a humble Chief and he always wanted to ensure peace and unity prevails in his chiefdom. He will be remembered for his goal of brining peace in this Chiefdom,” said Mutati.

Among the people that attended the Service were Works and Supply Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya, Lupososhi PF Member of Parliament Lazarus Chungu, nominated MP Raphael Nakacinda and some Bemba Chiefs.