President Edgar Lungu says he may have a small body but he has a big heart that accommodates everyone, including those who say nasty things about him.

And President Lungu has warned that his government will not allow investors who have no respect for the country’s national values and understanding on the need to improve people’s lives to come to Zambia.

Speaking upon arrival at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe airport, Wednesday, President Lungu told Copperbelt PF chairman Nathan Chanda to have a big heart, saying it was a leader’s responsibility to embrace everyone, including those who stood against him.

“I’m getting reports of lack of inclusiveness at party level. Those of you who won elections, I am getting reports that you want to leave out those who didn’t vote for you, that is not democracy. For those of you who won at district, constituency and ward level, you are charged with the responsibility of bringing everyone together. Don’t leave out those people who competed against you in the positions that you now occupy, that is not politics, politics is about inclusiveness. Even those who challenged you, even those who said nasty things about you, when you become a leader, it is your responsibility to bring them on board and serve with them. Because a good number of them are very useful, very knowledgeable and ready to serve. So I am asking you, Nathan Chanda, to work with everyone,” President Lungu said.

“Bring back people to this party and work with them. Unless someone, out of his own fruition, decides to say they are leaving, only then can you stop working with them. Work with them, this is what Michael Sata taught me. Otherwise if you start ignoring people, they will run away from you and you will lose.”

He said like Chanda, he had a small body but a big heart and that was why the ruling party was still solid.

“We want to build the party towards 2021, we cannot afford leaving anyone behind, so go and bring all the people, including those who said nasty things about you. When you become a leader, you are supposed to lead everyone, you are supposed to have a big heart and I am glad that you are a small body but a big heart, Nathan Chanda, and I think that’s what I am, I am a small body but a big heart. Had it not been so, I wouldn’t have accommodated the party to where we are. Even those who went to other parties, bring them back. My friend GBM came back, just welcome them,” President Lungu said.

And speaking when he officially opened the Copperbelt investment expo at Ndola’s Levy Mwanawasa stadium, President Lungu said Zambia needed serious investors who would abide by the country’s well-spelled out rules.

The President warned investors wishing to abuse the country’s resources without considering Zambians.

“I can assure you that my government in partnership with all our traditional leaders on the Copperbelt will facilitate the prospective investors with interest in the sectors spread across all the districts on the Copperbelt from Mpongwe to Chilabombwe and I am speaking with authority because their Royal Highnesses have confirmed to me that they are ready to receive investors… I have no doubt that our dream for a better Zambia will bear fruit sooner than later. We remain steadfast, transforming the country’s social and economic landscape as espoused in the Seventh National Development Plan. We have a conducive environment for investors and we are the best destination for investment in the region. My government is looking forward to serious investors, we want investors who respect our national values. We want investors who understand the need to improve our people’s livelihood, including following our well-spelled out rules,” said President Lungu.

“I therefore advise all existing and prospective investors to show keen interest in investing in the dynamism in the Zambians they employ as they will be realising their returns for their investments. I am desirous to see more partnerships and joint ventures between foreign and local investors… I am confident that once this business model is adopted, it will create job opportunities for our people and create value chains and supply chains in our economy. Therefore, we need to ensure that everyone is given an opportunity to participate in the value and supply chain of our economy. Time has come for us to redefine the future of the Copperbelt. I therefore wish to extend an invitation to our prospective investors to visit the Zambia International Trade Fare where more opportunities will be availed to them.”