Former defence minister in the MMD government George Mpombo says the cacophony of political and intellectual noise over the honorary doctorate degree to be conferred on President Edgar Lungu by the University of Zambia is discombobulating and befuddling.

In an interview, Thursday, Mpombo said President Lungu deserved the honor for the mammoth development in road infrastructure the sector.

“I find the cacophony of political and intellectual noise over doctorate degree conferment rather discombobulating and absolutely befuddling. The recognition of the furious road network has deep merit, there has been a mammoth development in this area as could be seen from the developing elegant face of Lusaka,” Mpombo said.

He recalled that even Rupiah Banda got an honorary doctorate despite “economic and political turbulence during his rule”.

“It a tradition that has been in place since independence where presidents have been honored locally or abroad in recognition of their leadership contributions to the nation. You will recall that the SDA church conferred a PhD on president Rupiah Banda, but chose not to use the title, at that time, President Banda had been president for about two years, but his contributions were recognized despite economic and political turbulence during his rule,” Mpombo said.

And Mpombo also said President Lungu had also done well in terms of good governance in the country.

“Good governance is not a stray in the garden as could be seen from blistering political warfare between President [Donald] Trump and the American congress, the president’s scorecard in this regard is commendable given the difficulty and hostile political firemen in the country, besides UNZA is honoured that its former student is President of Zambia, Universities world over reward former students in this manner, no need to split hairs,” said Mpombo.

Meanwhile, Mpombo said Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa also deserved a doctorate for promoting racial harmony and for reversing the abominable forced acquisitions of white farms without compensation in his country.