National Democratic Congress (NDC) national youth chairperson Charles Kabwita says PF secretary general Davies Mwila should be censured for inciting violence against the opposition.

Commenting on Mwila’s remarks that ruling party officials to desist from fighting amongst themselves but fight the opposition instead, Kabwita condemned Mwila’s sentiments, saying he was inciting violence against the opposition.

He also observed that Mwila’s remarks were an indication that people had lost confidence in the ruling party.

“It is unfortunate that the statement came from a party secretary general, who should have, at all costs, maintained discipline in the party and ensure that public nuisance is not tolerated in the party. Now, Davies Mwila is inciting party members to start fighting the National Democratic Congress (NDC)! We have a constitutional right to be existing as a political party; we are registered under the provisions of the Constitution of Zambia, which also saw the Patriotic Front being registered; we are a political party that is providing checks and balances and we are an alternative to form government. It is unfortunate, therefore, that the party secretary general Davies Mwila, who is the most senior member of the Patriotic Front can utter such nonsense and ridiculous stupid statement to the cadres!” Kabwita said in an interview.

“We, the NDC, are discouraging our members, our youths countrywide not to indulge themselves in political violence, even if they are provoked but here we are; we have a party secretary general from the ruling party inciting cadres to start fighting the opposition and particularly the National Democratic Congress! It is unfortunate that today after 50 years of independence we can still have people that are shallow-minded, who are narrow, who are so primitive and backward in thinking! Davies Mwila’s comment must be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians!”

He appealed to President Lungu and Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo to reprimand and censure Mwila.

“It is a pity that, today, honestly, we can have politicians that can be desperate to stay in power by virtue of doing anything at all costs just to maintain their status of being in power. We want to appeal to the youths in Zambia never to be used as tools of violence; the ranting by Davies Mwila is very unfortunate and it should be condemned not just be by the opposition, but by the President Edgar Lungu. I don’t think ba Lungu would want to be in a country where violence is the order of the day, if that is the case ninshi efyo ba landile ba Mwila (what Mwila said) is just okay. But I want to believe that ba Edgar Lungu would not want this country to be on fire, what Davies Mwila said was misguided and I want to appeal to Stephen Kampyongo if he is worthy to be called the Home Affairs Minister, to reprimand Mwila,” said Kabwita.

“NDC is an alternative party to form government. The whole entire PF party structures have shifted to the National Democratic Congress; the Copperbelt, as I am talking to you right now, there is no single PF in people’s homes! It will be very difficult and I want to invite President Edgar Lungu to come in Lubwa Ward; people in Lubwa have already made up their decision, the challenges that people in Lubwa and Copperbelt have is a vote of protest it shows PF that, indeed, the suffering they have brought on the people should not be entertained. So, no matter what Davies Mwila will do, it will not work, it will not change the tables because the people of Zambia have resolved, I am on the ground in Lubwa Ward and I am interacting with the people on a daily basis, PF has no message for the people of Lubwa and this is why to some extent Davies Mwila uttered that. People have lost confidence in the leadership of Edgar Chagwa Lungu.”