National Democratic Congress (NDC) spokesperson Saboi Imboela says her party will not field in a candidate for this month’s Katuba parliamentary by-election, but will rally behind the UPND to retain the seat.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has set July 30, as the date for the Katuba parliamentary by-election and so far, the ruling Patriotic Front and UPND have confirmed their participation in the election.

In an interview, Imboela said her party decided not to contest in Katuba because it understood that the area was a UPND stronghold, and that the late area member of parliament Patricia Mwashingwele represented the people well.

“NDC is a friend of the UPND and we are alliance partners. So, we are not going to contest Katuba because we know that, that is a UPND stronghold and honourable Patricia Mwashingwele represented the people of Katuba well. Therefore, it is our duty, as a friend, to support the UPND retain their seat. So, we will go into Katuba with full force to ensure that we convince the people (to) make the right choice in the elections because we are aware that the PF will be scheming to convince the people otherwise,” Imboela said.

And she warned the PF not to import cadres from Lusaka to Katuba to go and cause violence during elections.

“PF is likely to unleash violence in Katuba. We know they are going to unleash those violent cadres from Lusaka into Katuba. But elections should not just be about violence, elections should be a competition of ideas and the one with the best idea should win. So, my call to the PF is that they should not take those violent cadres from Lusaka and take them into Katuba; the people of Katuba want to elect a leader so whoever is contesting should go there with ideas and not knives and weapons,” urged Imboela.