Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia (PSZ) president Jerome Kanyika has asked the office of the Attorney General to stop Medical Stores Limited from allowing non-professionals to perform pharmacy roles.

In his letter dated July 1, 2019, addressed to the Office of the Attorney General, Kanyika stated that the association strongly disagreed with the idea of allowing a non-pharmacist manager to handle pharmaceutical roles saying that it was against the profession.

“It is in this regard that we write to your office to ask you to guide on the best way to stop the current maneuvers aimed at allowing non-pharmacy professionals to perform pharmacy professional roles. PSZ recognizes the role of other professions involved in the operations of MSL, but strongly disagrees with the idea of allowing a manager who is not a pharmacist due to the nature of the company in question,” Kanyika stated.

He stated that it was only logical that an institution like MSL should be governed by a pharmacist.

“Therefore, it is only logical that an institution such as MSL should be governed by a pharmacist since this professional is well vested in not only looking after medicines but also related products used in hospitals and laboratories. The training of pharmacists which includes leadership and management courses, as well as pharmaceutical supply chain management makes then ideal professionals to govern the operations of MSL. This will ensure efficiency and quality assurance in the medical and allied products’ distribution chain in Zambia,” stated Kanyika.

“PSZ wants to highlight its concerns in the manner in which the actualization of the MSL bill is being done as related to pharmacy professionalism. It is our considered view that MSL core business is to store and distribute pharmaceutical and allied substances, which are professional roles of pharmacists. Traditionally, pharmacists have not been only a source of drugs but also medical equipment and laboratory accessories.”