Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says police are investigating a matter in which a transgender woman walked naked on Great East Road yesterday after allegedly escaping from Chainama Hills Mental Hospital.

According to sources, Kakana Mwila was committed to Chainama by her family but she ran away and then shot a video which she streamed live on her Instagram.

In the said video, which went viral on social media, a naked Mwila complains of human rights violations in Zambia and over how her mother has treated her.

“They want to put me in jail please tune in. There is a naked girl on Great East Road, it’s me,” Mwila says as she films her male genitalia and her breasts.

“They are about to take me in, I am still live. Look at the human rights discrimination in this country, my own mother is doing this to me. You (her followers) are my witnesses.”

Mwila, who describes herself as a Zambian Transgender rights activist and business mogul living in South Africa, then gets into a bus to an unknown destination.

And when asked if police had received a report about the incident, Katongo said police officers were in the field investigating the matter.

“Yes I have seen that video and officers are working on it. We do not have any other information other than that. Apart from what I saw in the video, I may not know what time the police officers will finish with the investigations,” said Katongo.

Meanwhile, Mwila later posted on her Instagram page that the only interview she could take was from Oprah Winfrey.

“The only interview I am taking is from Oprah, so please, don’t embarrass yourself by trying to ask,” posted Mwila.