Brother to the transgender who on Tuesday striped naked and protested against what she termed as human rights violations in Zambia says his name is actually “Kanyanta Moses Kakana” and not “Kakana Mwila”, as he indicates on his Instagram page.

Kanyanta’s brother, who called News Diggers to clarify the issue, said he was the one who was named Kakana Mwila.

Mwila said the Kakana family was law-abiding and they did not agree with what Kanyanta had done to himself.

He said Kanyanta was a mental patient who had been committed to a mental clinic in South Africa before the family decided to bring him back home to continue getting the help he needed at Chainama Hills Hospital.

“I am calling in connection with that story you published today in your paper, for the transgender woman, the names that are in that story are totally wrong those are not the names of that person. You used my names in that story; that is our young brother and that is why I am calling because those are not his names, you have used my names in that story; so as the family we would like that the story is retracted or re-written in its correct content, not using the wrong names because that is now going to create a lot of, you know, defamatory [issues] on our part,” Mwila said.

“As a family, we do not agree with what our sibling did, however, we respect that choice and we also know that our country laws do not allow that. He was in school in South Africa. It so happened that he flew in the country last week, where he had some mental disability and we opted to fly him back so that he could get medical help here at Chainama, however that transpired and it is now all over social media but you have gotten the names very wrong, and we would want the paper to publicly retract that so that it is in good standing with ourselves and the public in general.”

Mwila said the family did not agree with what their brother had done to himself.

“The actual names are Kanyanta Moses Kakana and on behalf of the family we are law abiding citizens and we are very much aware that our government and indeed the people of Zambia do not abide to all this LGBTQI and whatever! We do not even know what it is; this is the situation that has happened and as a family, as much as we are very disturbed by the same, we want to believe that we will get to the bottom of this and right now we are focusing on ensuring that she gets the medical help and counseling she deserves and we engage the necessary authorities to do their part but as at now, we deserve the privacy and also deserve the respect of his rights as for now, we will handle it from there but we would want the paper to be factual and report things that are correct,” said Mwila.

“I just wanted to emphasize one thing that the person in particular is a mental patient even in South Africa where he lives for school, he was admitted last week and then when he got discharged, that is when the family decided that he should come here to get the help in Chainama, he is a mental patient and there is no in any way possible that the family is in support of whatever he did to himself.”